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Hello friends!

How are you today?!! I hope you’re doing better than me! I’m having minor surgery done next week and I’m a bit nervous!! Aaahhh! Of course I needed to write to you and take a bit of the edge off as this is one of my best outlets.

Last month I finally did it.. I finally purchased Vapid’s Sweaters N Denim.. I have wanted this ever since my polish loving eyes saw it for the first time.. it has kinda been an obsession of mine and a lemming I just couldn’t squash. It was never available when I had the money and I had no money when it was available (you know how that is).. but alas, he is mine!! Yes, HE!  I have decided to label this polish a he.. I really have no idea why but I just like it! the blue.. the brown.. the grayish, just gives me a feeling of this rugged clean smelling bearded hot af man.. (my fantasy, you should insert your fantasy here) LOVE this.


Sweaters N’ Denim is a gorge thermal that goes from a coppery nude when warm to a beautiful grayish blue when cold, it is filled with  copper shimmer that shines in both states.


The formula was incredible for being such a light “base” color (and for being any color, it was just flat out incredible), it was smooth and non streaky and just perfect as it glided on my nail. aahhh!! Isn’t it wonderful when you finally squash a lemming and the formula is just amazing? You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.



Look at that gorge shimmer!! I just love it!!

 If you ever saw this polish and thought about buying it and didn’t, fix that mistake now! if you hadn’t seen it before, girl where have you been? get it now!

Thank you sooo much for reading! 


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****


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9 thoughts on “Vapid Lacquer- Sweaters n’ Denim

  1. At first, when I saw this polish, I wasn’t all that excited about it. Then I kept seeing pictures of it and it really grew on me. I was finally able to buy it and threw that baby on my nails asap. I must say, the warm coppery/cream color is not my favorite but I love the cold side of this polish. It’s worth it to have just to look at it in the bottle, though!

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