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Hi friends!!

What’s up??!! I am DYING today!! You know I love me some Pretty & Polished! I have been blessed to be working with them for a while now and Chels just keeps surprising me more and more each time!! She is releasing the icon collection today and I promise guys. .. this is to die for!! The icon collection is made of 8 shades half of which are the thermals and is inspired by leading ladies of music. I personally love them all. Let’s take a look at these babies one by one, there’s like a million and one pics but I couldn’t help myself. #sorrynotsorry

Express Yourself


Chels created this beautiful crelly to represent Madonna’s soft, sexy, confident and strong personality and to bring the message of “don’t settle” to light. It’s white base represents Madonna’s softness, it is packed with red and gold holographic as well as rose and dark gray flakes to represent her sexiness. “The polish has a strong presence in a soft base which I feel suits Madonna perfectly” as per the maker. You see three thin coats plus top coat in the pics.

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Inspired by Katy Perry, is  a full coverage flake polish that’s kinda difficult to describe, it’s set on clear base, it looks a bit rusted with gorgeous green, gold flakes, super pretty and unique! You see three thin coats plus glossy and matte top coat in the pics.

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Just A Girl


Named after one of Gwen Stefani’s most popular songs (and soundtrack of my teens) Just A Girl is a bright blue holographic jelly with a purple/blue shimmer and color shifting flakes. Absolutely beautiful and representative of that rocker “in your face” Gwen from the Just a Girl video. You see three thin coats plus glossy and matte top coat in the pics.

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Run The World


Inspired by Beyonce, is a strong black jelly with gold and copper holographic glitters as well as some very interesting copper color shifting flakes. This is gorgeous!! I just love those totally unexpected flakes. You see two coats plus matte and glossy top coat.

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Rhythm Nation


Made to represent Janet Jackson’s power and beauty (and inspired by her black and white music video) is a thermal color changer that changes from a dark grey to a softer pale gray when warm. It is a holographic shade with holographic glitter as well as bright purple and dark gray micro flakes.

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Genie in a Bottle


Inspired by Christina Aguilera’s charm, beauty, and good girl attitude is a thermal teal and pink holo glitter filled color changer that changes from a gorgeous soft teal to a pale pink when warm. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

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Set Fire to the Rain


Inspired by Adele, is a beautiful thermal that changes from a red when cold to a pale orange/purple shift with fiery color shifting flakes. This is gorgeous and super unique!! You see three thin coats plus top coat in the pics.

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Blown Away


Inspired by Carrie Underwood is a thermal dustie!! Need I say more?!! This is my first ever 3 part color changing polish and let me tell you.. it was as pretty as it was difficult to photograph! my lord! But damn it!! is it soo pretty!! This is blue when cold, green when room temperature and a gray when warm. You need this polish!!! You see two perfect coats plus glossy top coat in the pics!!

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What do I think about this collection? ? It’s fan-freaking-tastic plain and simple, the formulas are amazing, the inspiration is wonderful, the shades are to die for. It cannot get any better than this. So, do yourself a favor and grab these asap!!

Pretty & Polished Icon Collection retails for $67USD for the collection or $8.50-$9USD individually (shipping not included) and goes on sale Friday May 13th. Do not forget!

Thank you so much for reading! You did an amazing job Chels!!

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press sample

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