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Please read- Taking a break

Hi friends!!

I will be having some minor surgery tomorrow 5/24, I am scared poopless about it since it’s my first time having general anesthesia! They will be removing a nasal polyp that is making it pretty hard to breathe and they are also straightening my deviated septum. This as you might know is a pretty common procedure and would not be any big deal for a muggle but for us nail girls it takes a bit of recovery since the harsh chemicals and scents that are part of our everyday lives can irritate and possibly cause bleeding post surgery so I have no choice but to take some time off. Hopefully I will be able to de stash.. maybe learn some new and useful blogging related things.. or maybe I will just enjoy having an excuse to finally take a nap.

We’ll see.. non the less I would really appreciate prayers and positive thoughts from you. I have plenty of material in my mani vault as well as some awesome (and I do mean awesome) guest posts lined up for you!

Thank you for reading and please remember to keep me in your prayers. 



2 thoughts on “Please read- Taking a break

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for your surgery! Will miss your posts as I love to stop by your blog but health is much more important!
    Good luck destashing or maybe just taking a break and see you soon!

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