Kbshimmer fall and winter beauties

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Hello friends!!

I have some lovelies from kbshimmer , show you today!!! these are five pretties from both the fall and winter collection. Let’s take a look at them!

From the fall collection….

Sweet Devotion

White crelly filled with candy wrapper colored hex glitters in blue, red, yellow, orange, green and brown plus a scattering of micro slice glitters. The formula is wonderful, there is no fishing or dragging with this baby. I did three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15139702_339225246449537_425768744_n 15128545_339225376449524_1571803421_n 15151580_339225309782864_23361134_n

Here it is with a matte top coat. Love to matte white crellies


Turning Pointe

Is a soft peachy mega flame pink holo glitter. ahmazing formula, ahmazing color, ahmazing everything. absolutely love it ! you see three rhinestone coats plus top coat in the pics.

15134241_339225346449527_1271959194_n 15175621_339225343116194_1930848020_n 15134342_339225379782857_683938847_n

Flake Me Home Tonight

Is a minty metallic loaded with silver flakes and holographic sparkle. again incredible formula, this maker is always spot on with their formula isn’t it? you see two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15175549_339225393116189_983719914_n 15139679_339225406449521_154061373_n 15135651_339225316449530_132933803_n

And here it is matted. nothing can matte it’s sparkle!!


And from the gorgeous winter collection….

Ornamentally Flawless

Is a jewel toned glitter polish in shades of turquoise, fuchsia, gold, green and sliver on clear base. There is a lot glitter pay off with this guy! you see two things coats plus one coat of glossy top coat over white on the pics. The glitter was not hard to come by, there’s plenty of coverage so this could be used perfectly on its own maybe with a sponged on third coat just to cover the occasional baldie.

15174585_339225293116199_386212022_n 15175508_339225383116190_1504916627_n15151493_339225306449531_442974324_n

Get to the Poinsettia

Is a gorgeous red linear holo. I really want to describe this as juicy even though juicy might sound a bit weird but damn it!! it’s juicy! this is a gorgeous color with a flawless formula. BUY it! you see two coats plus glossy top coat in the totally unworthy pics.

15175559_339225356449526_1721374627_n 15175367_339225326449529_17973294_n 15151430_339225276449534_1326682608_n

These beauties are currently listed at kbshimmer. Do pick them up of you like them, and do pick up Get To The Poinsettia if you love yourself. đŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading! Find all shop info below.


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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press sample

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