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Parrot Polish International Love Collection Swatches & Review Part II



Good morning friends!!

Ready for part II of my review of Parrot Polish’ International Love collection? I am! I cannot wait to show you these beauties!! Today I will be reviewing the Rainbows, and I am really hoping, rather I’m almost certain that you will love them as much as I do.

Let me remind you of the basic info, this collection consists of 13 polishes, named in 7 different languages (Croatian, English, Spanish, Romanian, French, Dutch, and Italian) which I have separated in two batches, the beauties ( I have already reviewed the beauties and you can see that review here) and the rainbows. Like I said before, today is all about the rainbows so let’s get to them!

All pictures are 2 coats no tc, good formula, very flowy, fast drying.

*Arcobaleno (Rainbow in Italian) – This was the first polish I swatched… and I fell in love with it.. It is a GORGEOUS silver linear holo with a soft opal shift. So beautiful I can’t believe this is one of the first holos this maker has done, it is definitely up there in quality and color with other Indies who are holo experts.


arcobaleno  2 arcobaleno 3 arcobaleno

And here it is stamped with Pueen 61

arcobaleno  4

*Arc En Ciel (Rainbow in French) – this is a beautiful purple to brown chrome with scattered holo shimmer. Very pretty!


Arc en ciel  4Arc en ciel  2 Arc en ciel  3  Arc en ciel


*Curcubeu (Rainbow in Romanian) ooohhhh yyyyasssssssss!!! Complete and absolute nail heaven with this guy. I have sincerely never seen a holo this color. We are talking about a gorgeous mermaid colored linear holo with silver, green and opal shifts. SO beautiful  it might be my favorite in the whole collection and that is saying a lot! mmm yeah.. you need it.

curcubeu curcubeu  7 curcubeu  6  curcubeu  4 curcubeu  3


*Arco Iris (Rainbow in Spanish)- this is a gorgeous toasty amber linear holo with green and lavender shifts. SO beautiful and it completely blows up in the sun.. it’s literally a rainbow shower on your nails.


arco iris  2 arco iris 3 arco iris


*Regenboog (Rainbow in Dutch)- a deep brown chrome with a gold shift and scattered holo shimmer.. the “base” color is just so gorgeous and rich.. beautiful fall color!


regenboog 4regenboog  2 regenboog 3  regenboog


*Rainbow – beautiful soft beige linear holo with purple and grayish shifts, so beautiful and delicate. a perfect polish if you want something soft but pretty at the same time.. this is a gorgeous shade.


rainbow  2 rainbow  3 rainbow  5 rainbow 4 rainbow 6 rainbow


Overall I have to say that this collection is just gorgeous, with the formula being as good as it is in all 13 of the polishes I am left to focus on the actual shades and these are all very pretty. there are some similarities between some of them but none is quite the same as the shifts usually differ.  So, I would definitely recommend them pick a favorite (if you can) and buy it because these are so worth it! if you have any questions with this or any of the brands I have ever collaborated with all you need to do is ask and I’ll be more than happy to help!

Thank you so much for reading, please leave a comment and let me know which one is your fav!

Thank you David and Sonja for your continued trust! <3





The International  Love collection is now available for purchase in the link below, they are $12/ bottle, completely worth it. And right now Parrot Polish is offering free shipping within the U.S. so do take advantage of it!



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**The opinion expressed above is 100% honest and based on MY personal experience with the brand***

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