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Parrot Polish International Love Collection Swatches & Review Part I




Good morning friends!!

I am soooo happy to bring you swatches and reviews of Parrot Polish International Love Collection part I. Yes, I’ve had to split it in two because this is a very picture heavy review. These polishes were so pretty it was very hard to pick just one photo, so be prepared to be spammed my friends haha

I have to say I am very proud of Parrot Polish because I have been swatching with them for a while now.. I think since they started or a little after that and their polishes keep getting better and better! This collection is absolutely gorgeous and not only are the colors beautiful but the formulas are amazing!!! Two coats for all these swatches, no top coat on any, they dried super fast (I was doing dishes in 15 minutes and didn’t even smudge Bello).  A def 10/10 in my book!

Now about this collection, 13 polishes, named in 7 different languages (Croatian, English, Spanish, Romanian, French, Dutch, and Italian) which I have separated in two batches, the beauties and the rainbows. Today I’ll talk about the beauties and an infiltrated “love” . Let me introduce them to you one by one:


*Hermosa (Beautiful in Spanish)- Is a beautiful burgundy base that shifts to green, this a gorgeous deep color perfect for this time of year and the shift is just beautiful.


hermosa  3  hermosa  6 hermosa 2 hermosa 5

*Mooi (Beutiful in Dutch)- Is a copper tone base that shifts to a greenish mustard and it even has some purple hues. Also a beautiful color for this time of year.


mooi  3 mooi 4 mooi

*Beau (Beautiful in French)- Gorgeous rich purple that shifts to brown. So beautiful! I’d take it even if it was just the purple without the shift, but that shift is definitely an added bonus to this already beautiful polish.


Beau  1 Beau  2 Beau  3 Beau

*Beautiful -This baby starts at a brownish burgundy  and shifts to green, gold, purple. GORGEOUS! It is definitely a very unique polish. Love it!

Beautiful  2 Beautiful  3 Beautiful  4 Beautiful

*Bello (Beautiful in Italian)- is a beautiful scattered holo shimmer with green, purple and blue shifts, this is a very pretty color. BUT I think that it’s a little too similar to Hrvatski ljubav and Hrvatski has my heart.. Had there not been a Hrvatski this would be one of my favorites..


Bello  3  Bello 2 bello 5 Bello


*Frumos (Beautiful in Romanian)- Here is another polish that does its name justice, this is a beautiful emerald green that shifts to purple and it is to die for!! Look at that green! So pretty!

frumos  2 frumos  3 frumos  4  frumos  6 frumos


*Hrvatski  ljubav (Love in Croatian)- this is the infiltrated “love” I was talking about… boy did I ever lose my nail polish loving panties when I put this baby on! It is soooooo beautiful!!! Peacock in your nails and you don’t even have to do anything but brush this baby on! Indoors it looks like a beautiful night sky because of the scatter holo shimmer  then you go outside and it’s even prettier!! Blue, green, purple.. All the shifty beauty you can dream of… yes.. I do love this polish.

hrvatski ljubav  3  hrvatski ljubav  5   hrvatski ljubav 2 hrvatski ljubav

hrvatski ljubav  11 hrvatski ljubav  4

I have tried not to overwhelm you with pics but it’s been a little hard.. Thank you so much for reading! I really do appreciate it and thank you so much Parrot Polish for allowing me to swatch these pretties for you! You’ve done an amazing job!


The International  Love collection is now available for purchase in the link below, they are $12/ bottle, completely worth it. And right now Parrot Polish is offering free shipping within the U.S. so do take advantage of it!


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**The opinion expressed above is 100% honest and based on MY personal experience with the brand***

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