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Sinful Colors Prosecco

Hi friends!!


Just a really really quick post about today’s mani. I don’t know if you knew about the Prosecco madness that went on not too long. Everyone wanted one and it was very hard to find specially because Walgreens had Sinful on sale for 99c.

Many many searched and weren’t able to find a single bottle, I drove away from it a little since it looked very similar to my Ulta Lav-vish (check it out here) and didn’t go out of my way to look for it.

Luckily my amazing friend and fairypolish mother Tiffany from PolishandPaws sent it to me completely by surprise, and OMG am I lucky she did! This is a gorgeous color and a great alternative if you want a nude with a twist.

Here’s a couple of pics of two coats of this beauty plus top coat

 prosecco prosecco 2

And here it is with a little fall nail art.. I know a lot of ppl are already doing xmas nail art but i refuse to give up on fall!! haha the glitter is CG Glitter Goblin

prosecco nail art 2 prosecco nail art

Thank you so much for reading and thank you Tiffany!!! you’re always so amazing to me! <3.

Please make sure to check her out at

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