aragon with bubbles (1)

Aragon and Bubbles

Hi friends!

I FINALLY got one of my forever desired polishes off my wish list!! It’s OPI Here today.. Aragon Tomorrow. Why did I want this so badly? Well because it is dedicated to Aragon (Spain) the place where my husband was born, where my son was born and where I spent a long and happy period of my life. And also where a lot of family and friends live so this land will forever be in my heart.

I hadn’t gotten it because the color is not “to-die” for; it looked like a black that really didn’t have much to offer so I really dreaded paying the $9 price for it. BUT, I could not believe my luck when I saw it on a de-stash sale by one of my favorite youtubers for $1.50!! Of course I got it immediately!

I loved this color once on my nails, it is not the dull black I thought it was, it just happens to photograph very badly (unfortunately for me). Up close and personal it’s a deep green that’s very nice and unique. Here are a couple of pics so you can kind of get the idea, although like I said before, this baby doesn’t photograph well.

aragon (1) aragon (2)


And here you have it topped with Bear Pawlish’s Bubbles my Bubbles, even though I love the way this topper looks, I have to admit it isn’t the easiest to brush on. The glitters are very big and heavy for the brush and I had to actually pick them up and place them, they were impossible to move around with the brush. 🙁

aragon with bubbles (1) aragon with bubbles (2) aragon with bubbles (3)

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  1. I got this at a Smart Style salon locally (inside Wal-Mart) that periodically has buy one get two free sales on their OPI polishes. That’s right, not a typo, but one get TWO free. Check then it if you have one nearby. 🙂

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