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Above the Curve – Tardis

Hi guys!!!

Long time no blog!! I’ve been swatching like a mad woman and haven’t been able to sit down and actually write too much. For some reason my son is ok with me painting my nails but he goes a little nuts as soon as he sees me sit down with the desktop! Kids!

As you might know I got the opportunity to swatch some of the colors included in the Dr Who Collection by Above the Curve not too long ago. Of course I fell in love with them and HAD to get them in full size. So of course I took advantage of the Mother’s Day Special they had and got them along with THIS baby I’m showing you today.

I am a BIG sucker for blue polish! And this looked so pretty I just couldn’t pass it up!

Now, unfortunately I do not know much polish jargon, I guess I will learn it as I go along with this  love relationship I started with polish not too long ago. To me things are simple; I either like them, love them or don’t. So, if I knew more I’d describe what kind of holo this is and other polish connoisseur lingo. But since I don’t know more, and I like things nice and simple, I will just tell you that I LOVED it, it was so pretty, went from a blue to greenish pea-cock color I absolutely loved, the application was clean and smooth. Flawless… and that I would buy it a million times over. Lol I think that’s something we can all understand right?

So here are the pics I took trying to convey to you the beauty of this polish. Hope you like them!

above the curve tardis (2) above the curve tardis (5) above the curve tardis (3)

Btw, isn’t this label the best? (pic with flash)

above the curve tardis (4)



What I LOVED but didn’t know about ATC Nail Polish:

They raise awareness AND donate $1 of every bottle sold  for  Shriner’s Hospital’s for Children and Scoliosis.  Visit these websites  to learn more about them.http://www.shrinershq.org/ and http://www.scoliosis.org/


Get these babies here:






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