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Hi guys!!!!
I have an awesome newer blogger guest posting for us today!! Let’s get to know Krystal from Queen of Nails 83 a bit better shall we??



Hey y’all, I’m so excited to be here with you today. My name is Krystal from Queen of Nails 83; my blog which I started in June of this year as an outlet for my passion of nail polish, indie mainstream and the alike.

Collaborating is a first for me and I appreciate the opportunity Monica has afforded me to stop by, say hello and share with you a recent watermarble I did using the entire Sugar Collection from Pipe Dream Polish.

Pipe Dream Polish is a favorite brand of mine because not only are the collections/polishes unique and beautiful but they make watermarbling fun and easy.

Let’s get started…

First, I started with freshly manicure nails. This is part of my biweekly routine that keeps my nails healthy and strong.

I then applied a coat of white undies because white undies give all polishes an added ‘POP’.

For added protection I covered my cuticle area and about 2/3 of my finger in liquid latex.

While I waited for the latex to dry, I poured room temperature water into my dish and opened and arranged my polish in my preferred rainbow order.

Here comes the fun part! One by one I added a drop of each polish and allowed them to spread. Once it was all said and done, I was able to get 3 passes of each polish in my dish.

Next, with my watermarble tool, I created a linear, or zigzag, pattern. I love this technique because you can create so many different looks.

This part can be a little tricky because there is so much that happens in this step. I found the area that I liked the best and placed my finger(s) in at a 90° angle. *Note* Leave your fingers in the water until you have cleared the remaining polish. To do this, blow gently on the surface of the water and use a q-tip to remove it.

Finally, remove latex, clean up and add you favorite top coat to seal in your beautiful mani! In the end you’ll have a mani you’ll love ❤️!

In a few days you could always upcycle this mani by adding some stamping, vinyls, etc. to give your mani a new look. This is what to like to call upcycling.

Well that’s all the time I have here today! I hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as I did. Again, big shout out and thank you to Monica for inviting me to hang out in her little corner of the internet. I had a great time! I hope you all will join me over at Queen of Nails 83. Thanks for reading!!

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