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Hello friends!!

Ouuu yeahhh!! another awesome Anonymous Lacquer collection is out!! I love this brand! I have been working with Mildred for over a year now and I absolutely love both brand and maker. Anonymous Lacquer is definitely one of those awesome brands that are totally underrated!! Why is this brand not huge yet?! Put an AL in your life and you will fall in love!! Let’s take a look at the Color of Magik Set!

Third Eye

Is a blue to purple multishifter with gorgeous holo micro flakies. Absolutely PERFECT!! I think my fav of all the multi-shift polishes I have seen this season. Those micro flakies totally take the win! You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.. third coat totally unnecessary .

15174674_339221849783210_1359437359_n 15175340_339221883116540_1129078976_n 15135608_339221846449877_1602543856_n

With a matte top coat.


Come Fairies

Ultra holo pale pink leaning gray. Another beauty, my cam totally doesn’t do this baby justice. It’s super pretty and soft and delicate. The formula is wonderful! I did three thin coats to absolutely ensure full opacity. Brush strokey? nah! I think you can see a couple of strokes but I mean.. this is a pretty soft color with awesome awesome holo goodness so one or two lines are NOTHING!

15209187_339221889783206_1156425374_n 15135505_339221829783212_521866802_n 15129902_339221893116539_132289676_n

Dark Magik 

Is a black with multi chrome shifty flakes. Pretty pretty pretty!! this is quite the popular shade this winter, what’s special about this one? flakies are bigger! yay! You see three super thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics

15174401_339221789783216_650390691_n 15174612_339221769783218_1655761220_n 15139767_339221856449876_934776422_n

With a matte top coat.


Echos of the Goddess 

Is an ultra holo deep teal with holo flakes. GAW-GEOUS, seriously, gorgeous! this is one of those knock you off your feet polishes. The formula is perfection! You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15139283_339221876449874_1249272071_n 15135512_339221879783207_238085995_n 15175376_339221899783205_854551582_n

With a matte top coat.


Sea & Stars

Is a light holo mint blue with rose gold shimmer. Ahhh so pretty!! this is super unique and definitely not your typical “winter” polish. Beautiful, super soft and that shift is ever so beautiful! You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15134497_339221793116549_318608102_n 15139289_339221796449882_2128618532_n 15139289_339221799783215_1742393000_n

I love this collection!! You will def see at least a couple of these polishes in my favorites of the year post. Pick these up!!!!

The Color of Magik Set retails for $50usd for the set and $12usd individually. Prices don’t include shipping.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

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press sample

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