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Hello friends!!

New to the blog brand alert!!! Today we will be talking about the lovely Lolita Lacquer! This is a newer brand in the indie scene so some of you might not know about it yet but believe me, this is a brand you want to keep in mind when looking to make your next purchase!

The lovely and fun Mira (seriously, she’s a blast) sent five pretties my way all of which will be debuting in this weekend’s Indie Shop event.

Warning! I suffered MAJOR nail breakage during the swatching of these babies so you will see two different nail lengths. Something unseen before in this blog, mostly because I’m very anal about swatches but sadly, this time it was unavoidable since my nails broke time and time again (I’ve been out of nail oil for weeks) making it impossible to show you these in the same nail length. I apologize if I hurt any sensibilities…

The Mani-Cron quartet collection is inspired by yummy macaroons and named in french of course, Oh la la! let us see Le Pretties! 😉



Vibrant lavender creme filled with purple and white flakes.


Very good easy to work with formula, fast drying and flowy. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

14877060_324725437899518_2010050628_n 14877898_324725434566185_543380945_n



Vibrant green creme filled with gold  and green mini flakes


Very good formula, easy to work with and absolutely no problems to report. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

14872554_324726107899451_497335004_n 14874979_324726104566118_1369819627_n




Vibrant baby blue filled with darker blue mini flakes


The formula is the same as the polishes above, lovely and easy to work with. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

14877934_324725584566170_1881626196_n 14825720_324725594566169_1753265181_n




Pink creme filled with pinkish flakes and a subtle blue sheen to it


The formula is incredible as well. You see three thin coats plus top coat in the pics

14877776_324725397899522_1375450074_n 14877880_324725381232857_717236615_n


And this beauty is  Macaron, The Indie Shop exclusive only available at the event.

If you are attending do NOT miss it!!


This is a beautiful taupy browish creme filled with gold flakes and a hint of purplish shift.


The formula on this again.. beautiful. Super easy to work with and just a beauty! You see three thin coats plus top coat in the pics

14741667_321572738214788_361822754_n 14825624_321572721548123_1060505182_n


These beauties debut this weekend! and then the Mini-cron quartet will be available here as of the 11th.

I really loved all five of these shades, I really can’t pick a favorite! They’re all cute with great formulas so I definitely recommend you pick them up if you like them!

Thank you so much for reading! 

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*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

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