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Hello hello hello!

I have had these KbShimmer beauties for a very very very long time and had not been able to show them to you due to my health but alas!! here they are! I remember I almost died when I saw these babies from the Summer 2016 Collectionso pretty and so different from each other! Let’s take a look at them one by one!

How Low Can You Flamingo?


Ahhh! how I wish my camera had truly caught the beauty of this hot neon pink cream! If you are a nail polish lover you know what I’m talking about, these colors are gorgeous but oh so hard to photograph! I love how this makes my skin look so tanned. The pictures you see show two coats, no undies (the way a good neon is meant to be worn) plus a coat of glossy top coat. Smooth formula and just a joy to work with.

dscn9728 dscn9725

Four and a half months without polishing is a very very long time and I feel robbed!! robbed of all the summer manis I had planned to do and wasn’t able to! So, I of course had to go for it, I mean.. can this base be any more perfect for a summer mani? No, it can’t!

I had purchased a summer pack from PolishedVino Vynils and decided to put them to work for this mani. The black polish featured is one of the sugar polishes from Sally Hansen.


Suit The Breeze 


What a beautiful periwinkle this is! look at those pink and violet micro flakes, I am a huge flake lover so this is definitely up my alley. This polish is a must have in my eyes as it’s super pretty and the formula is wonderful as always with this brand. You see 2 coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.


dscn9770 dscn9761


And of course, I had to matte that baby. You know how I do! Matte coat used is by Julie G.

dscn9827 dscn9811


Another one of the things I missed during my hiatus was an opportunity to honor Anne Li’s memory with an inspired mani… so I wanted to definitely do that, it doesn’t do her justice but nothing does.. she was just too talented. You see the mani in both glossy and matte top coats


Gull, Get Real!


Is a silver and purple toned metallic flakie filled with micro holo goodness. o pretty and unique!! I absolutely loved how it looked on my nails! the formula was incredibly smooth and opaque for a polish of its kind. You see two coats plus glossy and matte top coat in the pics.


dscn9878 dscn9889


dscn9920 dscn9910


For nail art I stamped with black over the matte base using MoYou London Explorer 03 plate.


These gorgeous babies retail for only $9.25USD/ea and are still available at www.kbshimmer.com , get them while you can!!

Thank you so much KBShimmer for your patience and understanding during my recovery. I truly appreciate it!

Til next time friends! Thank you for reading!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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press sample

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