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Hello friends!!

 Today I have for you a LONG overdue review of Vibrant Vinyls! So, yeah it’s going to be a little long but believe me you really want to read more about this brand!

Beginning of the year I was so lucky to be offered the opportunity to work with April and her awesome brand, sadly this has been a very very bad year for me and both my son and I have gotten sick so many times that things haven’t run as smooth as I’d hope and honestly, I did not, could not do a quick to the point and done review for her, just seemed so unworthy of the brand so I kept gathering pics, posting on social media and purchasing from her every time I could (because I have become a die-hard fan of this brand) until I could finally write the blog post it deserved.

Many things to tell you about! First off let me make clear that this posts includes both self purchased and press samples and as always my opinion is 100% honest so let’s get to it!


*This is a cute and very typical example of what a Vibrant Vinyls purchase looks like, product, plus goodies (featured in the pic is a cute sticker + unicorn poop candy but I have received holo pens and other things with my orders ) and a very very cute and personalized thank you note from the maker.


 I’m a sucker for good branding, presentation and attention to detail!

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*Products come with instructions, very very useful! I wonder why more brands don’t do this??


*The liquid latex is my current go to barrier for nail art. I love the color, it dries super fast and it doesn’t break off half way into taking it off. Which I LOVE!

*Cuticle oil– I have been using April’s Tea Tree cuticle oil for months now and OMG!! I can honestly say that there is a before and after in my nail life. Below you will see a phone picture of my nails after weeks of no cuticle care. I have to be honest, I have been blessed with good cuticles so you normally wouldn’t see rachet cuticles on me but, they do get dry and create those white crusty things on the sides. See horrible picture below for proof.


This picture is of my nails as they were this morning, keep in mind, I spent FOUR long moths naked and didn’t suffer any breaks, as a matter of fact I was a filing maniac cause they kept getting so long! That had never ever happened to me before! I’m usually the kind to have a break within 30min of being naked! Also, look at how white my nails are (for me), they weren’t even like this when I was a muggle!


I have finally been putting oil under my nails like I always wanted and that is one of the reasons why these babies are so strong and white. I had tried this before with other oils but was never able to because they were just so damn oily (some even turned my skin yellow) and non absorbent but this is just perfect! My skin/nails soak it right in. I’m a huge fan!! Also, she makes them in over 40 scents so you are sure to find one you’ll like!

*The strip me softly acetone additive! where were you all my life?? this is also a life saver!! I started using it before my hiatus and it made a huge difference in my swatching.. no more dry walls around my nails! I use just a bit of it and add it to the my acetone dispenser and it helps SO much!!


*Overall thoughts on the vinyls: I personally love the vinyls from this maker, each sheet comes with a label on the back so that they can be easily identified and you’re not left wondering where the heck you got them from when you want to re-order.


Vinyls come with a very useful tab that makes them extra easy to peel off the paper. Also, they actually stick to your nail, I’ve tried some that wouldn’t stick to the nail properly and ruined my mani because of it. These are sticky enough so that they won’t slip off the nail but they are not so sticky that they will lift your base (providing you give said base enough time to properly dry).



And here are some manis done with Vibrant Vinyls!!





This is my most recent mani using Vibrant Vinyls, I love it!! hope you like it too!!!



Before I end this I NEED to mention the fact that April’s shipping is crazy fast!! my orders usually ship within 24-48hrs which is incredible! The shop is currently closed because April is moving but she will be up and running in the beginning of October so, take advante of the 10% off code:  MONISMANI and place an order asap!!


Thank you so much for reading!!! April.. THANK YOU for all your understanding.

I wish you nothing but the best and know you will get far! your product/customer service is exceptional and you are an amazing human being!!

Til next time friends!! 

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*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

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