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Guest Post – Smackerlacquer

Hi friends!!

Continuing with the awesome guest bloggers during my absence, today I have Chelsea from SmackerLacquer for you!! I have been in love with her account for months now! Love her nail art, her nails, the way she writes her posts.. everything! she’s so fun! Let’s see what she has prepared for us!


Hi everyone! I’m very happy to be here to guest post for Monica during her extended absence. I’m flattered I’m able to help out another nail polish addict that I’ve admired for quite some time. Her photos are so beautiful and perfect, I usually have to wipe drool from my chin whenever I see her stuff on my feed.

My name is Chelsea and I paint my nails over at

INM Foxy nail art










INM  recently sent me their nail lacquers for review and I used my favorite shade for the base of this nail art look, INM Foxy. Too easy, the formula is perfect.


I really wanted to make this more summery by adding some yellow stamping, but I also wanted to let the berry color remain the star of the show so I smushed yellow and berry colored Born Pretty Store stamping polishes together on one of the Pueen Encore plates to reduce the brightness of the yellow stamping. I’m quite proud of myself for not mixing the colors into a poop brown. I liked how the pop of yellow goes with the berry-colored INM Foxy, right? I wouldn’t have guessed it would look quite so cohesive.

INM Foxy Nail Art 3


I’m a really big fan of the BPS stamping polishes, even if you have to age a few years before your order arrives on the slow boat from China — and yes I’ve received a few for review, but I’ve bought more with my own cash. The BPS stamping polishes are very affordable and come in quite a few shades, so they are a great starter stamping polish for anyone that isn’t ready for a Konad-priced commitment. If you haven’t tried out any Pueen stamping plates, I also highly recommend any of them. I have a few sets and none of them have disappointed me.

Again, thanks for having me Monica and I wish you speedy return to your blog, we all miss you!



What did you guys think? isn’t she fun and super talented? I just love her overall style and personality!

Thank you so much for reading! And thank you Chelsea for helping me out!!

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