INM Nail Lacquer – Swatch and Review

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Hello friends!!

Good morning friends! Hope you’re doing ok! I’m finally feeling a bit better from surgery, almost no pain today and I’m not dizzy so yay!! Hope it only gets better now and the rest of 2016 is a lot kinder to my family and I cause after having been sick since February and 3 surgeries in the last 2 months…. we seriously need a break!!

I have taken my sweet ol’ time posting this review (you saw swatches on my social media over a month ago) not only because of the reasons stated above but also because I wanted to sit down and really talk to you about it. So, this might be a long post. I will try to keep it as short as possible I promise!

INM contacted me some time ago asking if I would like to try their product and of course I jumped at the chance to work with this company. Upon receiving/opening my swatcher pack, the first thing I noticed was that this is an incredibly well-organized and professional company, I have been blessed to swatch for many many main stream brands including some of the big ones and never have I gotten a package like this.. catalogs cards, a big range of product. Everything was lovely and it was refreshing to see such a well curated package. The only thing I had already tried from these products is the Out The Door top coat which I use for the decals I make with my silicone mat so I was super excited to try the rest of the goodies!



Let’s take a look at the polish one by one talk more at the end.

Vanilla Zilla


Celine’s Jelly Bean




Cotton Candy Dandy


Green Machine


Tangerine Dream


Grape Escape


Huckleberry Fairy


These polishes were Ah-mazing guys!! The formula is super super smooth and so easy to work with.. I only had trouble with Huckleberry Fairy and Green Machine which weren’t bad but weren’t outstanding like the rest (they were thinner so I needed three thin coats plus glossy top coat for them as opposed to the two coats plus glossy top coat that were used with the other swatches), they were quick drying as well.

I was SUPER impressed, the quality of these babies was better than good Essies (we all know their hit or miss formulas) and equal to OPI. The best thing about this? These polishes are insanely cheap!! or rather I should say they are inexpensive, cheap is not the right word to describe a good product at a very affordable price right? Click on the polish names in each swatch and you will see that they are $3US/ea!! INSANE!


They also sent me these four products, I admit with all that has been going on I have only been able to try 2 of these, the Out The Door top coat which I like for normal everyday manis, not so much for swatching because of all the macro high res pics in which brushstrokes can sometimes be seen and the CORRECTnail Pen which works extremely well and is now my favorite swatching accessory. I definitely recommend you try both.

Now before I end this post I want to share something with you, I feel like it’s something important. Many times these big companies lack that heart we get and love from the indie makers. After I had agreed to review these for you and during the time I was actually working with them, I had a very very bad experience with another brand (you can google CND/ bloggers  if you want) which I have kept out of my blog for many reasons… but mostly because I was really affected, anxiety ridden and even lost sleep over it many nights and I usually keep things like that bottled up. Well, INM caught wind of the situation and decided to get in contact with the other girls affected by the situation and sent them all swatcher packs. Now that is a company with HEART!

Great product, affordable prices, heart .. what more can you ask for? So, if you ever come across a bottle of these, BUY IT!! this is the type of company we should be supporting.

Thank you so much for reading!!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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press sample

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