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Hello friends!!

How are you today?? It has been a rough week for me!! my son is down with the flu and I have literally slept no more than 4hrs per night and I’m walking around like a zombie!! I hate seeing him sick I’m sure all you moms can relate.

Good thing he felt really good one day and I was able to get this AwesomeSauceBox swatched for you! Let me show it to you!


Isn’t it pretty? This is the full size box with the exception of the Lavish (I was sent the mini version by mistake) so if you order the full size this is not the Lavish you’re getting!

Bridezilla by Anonymous Lacquer


Is a white crelly with a rainbow of shimmers as per maker. I found the formula to be a bit thick but not hard to work with I do however regret not wrapping my tips properly as you can kinda see some unevenness on the pics. I thought the formula was ok but Mildred being the perfectionist she is decided to tweak it and make it a bit thinner. Overall I really like this polish and would definitely use it time and time again. You see two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458775674925 PhotoGrid_1458774838636


Let’s Go Party by Lavish Polish


Is a pretty lavender crelly with gold shimer, micro silver and gold holo glitter plus fine holo pink glitter and a splash of scattered holo as per maker. I absolutely loved both the shade and the formula of this polish, it’s super pretty and perfect for the spring. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458786564797 PhotoGrid_1458786932815


Malibu Barbie by Ever Afer Polish


Blue aqua crelly with pink specks and holo shimmer as per maker. I found this to be a bit sheer but the maker clarified that this is on purpose as she really wanted to make those tiny little specks more visible. Despite the sheerness, I found the formula to be good and easy to work with. You see four coats plus top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458830255684 PhotoGrid_1458830577559

with a matte top coat


Glossy on top and matte on bottom


Demolition Barbie by Vapid Lacquer


Is a black polish with color shifting glass based pigment in a blue to purple shift as per maker. This is indeed another beauty from this box. This is my first ever Vapid and I needz them all now. The formula on this was wonderful! super flowy and easy to work with,  you see two coats plus glossy top coat.

PhotoGrid_1458839563284 PhotoGrid_1458840327510

I may or may not have turned the matting of this polish into a ceremony bc I literally heard myself saying.. “we are gathered here today to matte with baby” cause I mean.. this just needed to be matted. Does it not look gorgeous?!



Barbie Girl by Cupcake Polish (guest maker of the month)


A hot pink linear holo with a slight lilac flash as per maker. This polish is glory in a bottle.. sweet nail gods is this beautiful!! absolutely perfect formula.. that’s it you need it in your life!! You see two beautiful coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458788145837 PhotoGrid_1458788489072




This box comes with four goodies:


PhotoGrid_1458849764478 PhotoGrid_1458849821119 PhotoGrid_1458851872920

1- Exfoliating face mask by Ever After. There you have both the ingredients and the instructions, I have tried this on my hands and absolutely loved it. This smells crazy good and leaves your skin nice and soft.. the best part for me is that the mask itself wasn’t harsh, I tend to suffer a lot with these types of products because I have extra sensitive skin and harsh textures really do a number on me. So I’m very happy to report that this is very gentle on the skin.

PhotoGrid_1458849905359 PhotoGrid_1458849963139

2-Pearberry Lotion Bar by Anonymous Lacquer. Cocoa butter and oil, mango butter, bees wax, jojoba oil, vitamin E and fragance. Smells ah-mazing and is super smooth and easy to apply, doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Love it


3- Barbie silhouette shaped vinyl by Lou It Yourself. These were great and fun to work with, the adhesive is strong enough to attach properly on your nail yet gentle enough to not pull everything out when you take it off (this has happened to me even though my mani was fully dry). I also like the fact that the vinyl is glittery as I was able to place it directly on my mani and it popped up on its own.


4- Nail Charms and loose glitter – These are super cute! four big barbie silhouette charms 2 in gold and 2 in silver, and tiny little barbie silhouette shaped glitters. Totally adorable and easy to work with.


What to do with this box?? Well manicuring with this box is extremely simple.. here are four examples/ideas of what to do. Hope you like them!

PhotoGrid_1458781990292 PhotoGrid_1458787234894

PhotoGrid_1458788919717 PhotoGrid_1458831231985

As you can see, simple is the way to go! the charms, glitters and vinyls make it super easy to come up with something and the rest? a couple of dots and you’re good to go!

Now on to the deets:

The March AwesomeSauceBox launches March 25th at 6pm PT and can be purchased here.

Box retails for $50USD full size and $30USD minis  Shipping is not included.

Want to see more swatches? check out their Instagram

Thank you so much for reading! and thank you for allowing me to review this!

Find all maker’s info below


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

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  1. The sick is definitely going around. 🙁

    As for the box, I love everything about it! I’m definitely going to have to pick this one up!

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