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***Warning Picture Heavy***

Hello friends!!

How are you?!! I have a super extra special collection to share with you today!! I have had this collection swatched and ready to share with you for a while now and I am so happy to finally be able to do it today.

The ellagee Three Years of Sparkle Collection (available on March 30th) is made of 10 polishes 9 of which are blogger collaborations and one ellagee anniversary polish. Yes, 9 bloggers who have been working with ellagee for some time (some of my all time nail idols) and among which I am more than grateful to be included! How did this dork get invited to the cool kids table?? I have no idea but i am happy to be here!

Let’s take a look at the polishes and description one by one, my thoughts on formula at the end.

Three Years of Sparkle


Created by ellagee to commemorate her 3 yr anniversary is a ruby pink jelly with tons of hot pink/violet shifting iridescent micro flakes and flashes of gold. Two coats plus tc in the pics

PhotoGrid_1458528407140 PhotoGrid_1458528085255


Macro is top with matte top coat and bottom with glossy top coat.




Created with Amy of Polish Etc A medium blue toned grey jelly with green/agua and purple/blue translucent chameleon flakes and bit of silver holo microglitter. Three thin coats plus tc in the pics

PhotoGrid_1458531399053 PhotoGrid_1458531657713

with a matte top coat


top is matte bottom is glossy top coat


Sea of Tranquility


Created with Jen of The Jedi Wife  A bright turquoise jelly with translucent green mini flakes and copper micro flakes. Three thin coats plus top coat in the pics

PhotoGrid_1458439892280 PhotoGrid_1458440164936

topped with a matte top coat


top is matte, bottom is glossy top coat


Pink Me!


Created with Heather of I Feel Polished is a clear base pink and silver micro glitter. Three thin coats plus tc in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458448686102 PhotoGrid_1458448827367




Created with Babi of ColorSutraa  A clear base packed with iridescent shimmer and mini flakes plus clear holo/iridescent microglitter and a touch of Spectraflair holo. I used it by itself but this is definitely better as a topper, I cannot not wait to use it as such in the near future! You see three thin coats plus tc in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458447503433 PhotoGrid_1458447626372


Teal the Fat Lady Sings


Created with Ashley of Plump And Polished is a teal jelly with a blend of teal, blue, and green microglitter and bright purple shimmer.

PhotoGrid_1458446643821 PhotoGrid_1458445714834

With matte top coat


Top is glossy bottom is matte tc


Drunk on the Good Life


Created with Jen of My Nail Poolish Obsession  is a coral/pink crelly with a rainbow of ultrachrome shifting flakes and a bit of silver holo microglitter. Two coats plus tc in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458350407177 PhotoGrid_1458351237469


Suger, Suger , How’d You Get So Fly?


Created with Genevieve  of Suger23  is medium toned nude with scattered holo, blue/violet/copper ultrachrome flakes, and hot pink shimmer. I sincerely call this a Masked Affair with flakes and a perfect formula so win win win for this one. You see three thin coats plus top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1458349800161 PhotoGrid_1458349505319


Plum Foolery


Created with Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary is a  bright red-violet with a touch of scattered holo and hot pink mini flakes. You see it here in two coats plus tc

PhotoGrid_1458352173634 PhotoGrid_1458352674585

With matte tc


Top is matte bottom is glossy


A Little Bit of Monica


Created with yours truly  is a deep blue jelly with green/gold/fuchsia ultrachrome flakes and a bit of silver holo microglitter. I went with Genevieve’s idea of a song for the tittle bc I thought it was super cute and so the name was born. This is a dream come true for me you guys! the polish is exactly what I wanted and I just can’t believe that after only 2yrs of official blogging I have been given the opportunity to participate in something like this. Thank you Laura from the bottom of my heart!! Three thin coats plus top coat in the pics guys!

PhotoGrid_1458442007051 PhotoGrid_1458441459111

With matte top coat


Top is glossy bottom is matte.


As you can see, this is a beautiful collection!! all 10 shades are so diverse and unique and truly represent the individuals that work with ellagee. The formula on all is amazing, the only one I thought was a bit sheer is Sutralescence but then again that’s meant to be more of a topper than a base imo. Like I said, the formula on all ten is beautiful, flowy easy formula and fast drying (2-3min in between coats) and super easy to work with.

Pick these up guys!! you will not regret it!

Thank you so much Laura for including me in this!

The ellagee Three Years of Sparkle Collection will be available as of the 30th and will sell for $108USD for the entire collection and $12USD for each individual polish. Prices do NOT include shipping.

You can follow the ladies that collaborated in this collection by clicking on their first name for IG links and on their blog name for blog urls.

Also… stay tuned to my IG you will have the chance to win my polish plus the anniversary polish along with polishes from other 4 makers soon. You don’t wanna miss that!

Thank you for reading!!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

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