Frenzy Polish- Dauntless 2.0, Timelord, Autumn Symphony



Hello friends!

How are you?? the weather here in New Jersey is a bit crazy! I love the fact that it’s not freezing cold yet but kinda makes the winter even more dreadful! haha

Today I want to talk to you about three gorgeous polishes from Frenzy Polish, one of my fav brands. I tried this brand not too long ago and I was immediately hooked! The polishes are super unique, her flakies being my favorites and Rachel (the owner) is just one of the sweetest ppl ever she really treats her customers like friends and is soooo informative as far as shipping dates and delays. I truly appreciate that because well… I have suffered from the horrible limbo of not knowing where your order is and getting no response from a maker. It’s a horrible place to be in. So , you can definitely say that I’m a huge fan of the whole Frenzy universe.

Rachel has currently restocked fan favorites for one last time before she moves on to new collections so, I want to show you three of the shades that are saying goodbye just as a P.S.A. cause they’re awesome!

Autumn Symphony

A dusky blue crelly (creme/jelly base) packed with orange – copper – red multichrome flakes and red holographic micro glitter (as per maker).  This is a Frenzy Fan group exclusive but you can easily join the group by searching “Frenzy Foxes” in Facebook

3 thin coats plus top coat in the pics


PhotoGrid_1447212633763 PhotoGrid_1447212513483


I decided to stamp this baby with Essie’s Leggy Legend and a MoYou  Nature Plate



Matte blue base with blue and silver micro glitters (as per maker). A must for any Whovian

2 coats plus matte and glossy top coats in the pics.


PhotoGrid_1447389440583 PhotoGrid_1447389626112



Taupe crelly filled with hex glitters and flakies in different sizes.

3 thin coats plus top coat in the pics


PhotoGrid_1447388361095 PhotoGrid_1447387413587


For nail art I stamped this gorgeous baby in black with an image from UberChic Set 5. This is one of my favorite manis ever I love both the base and the look, reminds me of rocks in the bottom of a stream.


So, what do you think? Do you have any Frenzys? if not, these would be three perfect ways to start your Frenzy addiction!

Thank you so very much for being there!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****


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  1. The weather here in Toronto is really weird. On Sunday it was warm enough that I could be outside without a jacket. Lol. These polishes are gorgeous. Too bad they’re leaving.

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