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Hello friends!!

Had the amazing opportunity to swatch some of the polishes from OPI’s new Starlight Collection! I love these collaborations with PreenMe because they usually do such an amazing job as far as presentation etc. Let me show you the beautiful box these babies came in.


Isn’t that cute? Def worthy of the best nail tables.

So, lets get to the swatches!

I’m In the Moon for Love- Is a gawgeous purple, just beautiful. I’m very much in love with it as you can see but I mean, how could I not? so smooth and rich! 2 coats plus top coat


By The Light of the Moon– one of the first polishes I wore from this box and I was a bit surprised, it doesn’t sit on your nails as smooth as you’d like, the little glitters give it a kinda scale-y look but I’m totally confused by this I don’t love it but love it at the same time. I don’t know if you can understand me but I’m sure than more than one of you has encountered this problem before. This is 2 coats plus one coat of top coat (seche vite)

 opi (2)

Press * for Silver- Beautiful!!! But I see more of a rose gold? gorgeous none the less and a definite must have if you don’t have anything in this color range. It can be a bit brush stroke-y which is why I did one coat and sponged on the second before top coating.


Center of the You-niverse- Super unique black gold shimmer filled creme with tiny little black matte glitters that are barely noticeable but give it a pretty depth. I have of course matted because I wanted to bring out the shimmer. 2 coats plus top coat in the pics. Matte top coat was L’Oreal which I do not love.

wpid-wp-1447105725025.jpg wpid-wp-1447105725360.jpg

Infrared-y To Go- Ok… this is a very unique topper, clear base (gold shimmer you see is bc of the base color), small hex holo glitter and shredded large boomerang shaped glitter in gold and rose gold. Unique to say the least, I definitely see a LOT of potential for playing around with glitter placement and doing beautifully sophisticated manicures.. I’m not too sure about it as a topper though. This is one coat over Center of the You-niverse and topped with one coat of Seche Vite.


Cosmo with a Twist– And one of the prettiest OPI’s I’ve seen lately!! this is a gorgeous glassfleck filled duochrome baby, camera shy though. How do I love thee… get your hands on this you will not regret it! Two coats plus top coat in the pic.


 So, out of the six I received, I LOVE 4, like one and am intrigued by the last; not a bad balance if you ask me. I’m super happy that PreenMe chose to send me this box!!

Thank you so much for reading!!!





*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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