Frenzy Polish 2015 Fall Collection

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****Warning Picture Heavy Post****

Hello friends!!

How are you? Today I have the pleasure of showing you Frenzy Polish‘ Fall 2015 Collection!! Ahhh so excited about these guys because they are gorgeous!! The collection is made of 8 beautiful shades, six holos and two gorgeous crellies. Let’s look at them one by one!

Apple Picking– is a teal-ish green jelly with circle, square and flake glitter in different sizes. The formula is lovely  with no need to play around with the glitter. Three coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441853440865.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441853577031.jpg


Cashmere Sweater is a light mauve with silver micro flakes and holo, super pretty and elegant, the holo gives it a nice kick. Two coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441884984391.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441884918709.jpg


Crushed Cranberries– is a gorgeous deep blackened red with glitter, this is a beauty!! Two coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441879768958.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441879936801.jpg


Falling Leaves– is a white crellie with fall colored metallic flakes, this is the polish I was most excited to try! this pretty crellie absolutely embodies what fall is all about. Three coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441854208596.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441854023292.jpg


Fireside Therapy– is another jaw dropper from this collection! Just look at that beautiful twinkle! This pretty baby is full of fall colored (purple, red, gold, bronze, brown) glitter and flakes. Two coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441853071976.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441852970568.jpg


Nature Walk– is a moss-green with scattered holo and sprinkling of green flakes. Two super easy coats plus top coat.


wpid-photogrid_1441881569310.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441881642012.jpg


Sage & Saffron– is a light green holo filled with soft orangy glitters. This is a very unique color, I absolutely love it! Two coats plus top coat in the pics.


wpid-photogrid_1441884408257.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441884305223.jpg


Berry Cobler– is a beautiful blurple holo filled with purple, blue, and gold holo glitters. Again absolutely beautiful, I did a double take when I saw it on my nails I loved it so much.


wpid-photogrid_1441855111097.jpg wpid-photogrid_1441855056099.jpg


So, what do I think of this collection? I love it!! the colors are absolutely gorgeous, love the flakie touch to some of the holos. The crellies are perfect and the formula is great on all of them. Very good opacity, fast dry time and gorgeous shades. This is an all around perfect collection. If you like any of these shades pick them up, you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading! These babies will be available here tonight at 7pm EST. 

Congrats Rachel on a beautiful collection!


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*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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27 thoughts on “Frenzy Polish 2015 Fall Collection

  1. OMG Moni, you make me want to buy everything you swatch!!! Even colors I wouldn’t normally lea towards (Fireside Therapy, for example). Are either of the greens olive-y in person? Sage & Safron sorta looks like it might be from far away, but less so on macro.

    • yeah I sadly had to compromise on the macro bc the light that showed those gorgeous safron touches killed the green. But I had to show the safron bc it’s just sooo perfectly included in there. So trust the hand swatch 😉

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