Untried Treasures: Different Dimension- Just Keep Swimming


Hello friends!

Ohhh maahhh gahhh!!! is how I’m gonna start this post. Because yes it is THAT serious! It’s so crazy that I have had this beauty in my untrieds for MONTHS months!! There was always something to officially swatch or bigger and better plans for it when in reality it didn’t need anything.. it was just perfect by itself.

Different Dimensions Just Keep Swimming, what a beauty! An absolute dream come true for a blue and holo nail polish lover like myself. Sorry to drool, but this blog is written from the heart and ugh, you gotta love when you find a polish that makes you fall in love so hard.

It is understandable that the formula is wonderful as well because, as many polishes as we as nailgirls own, we can’t be won over by simple shade, it has to be the whole package. Formula easy and smooth, dry time is fast and holoness is on steroids… SUCH a beauty. As it is to be expected whenever you set out to swatch a holo, there was absolutely no sun out (even though we’re in the middle of summer and  80f out). So the pics are all in lightbox with artificial lighting


Two coats plus top coat on my nails.



I wanted to cover this as little as possible but still keep it in an ocean theme. I stamped with Konad silver and MoYou London Sailor plate and added a little shell plus caviar beads(which I will never do ever again in my life because I ended up cock-eyed) on my ring finger.


A huge thank you to @apotterrallis on IG for choosing this baby out of my untrieds. THANK YOU!

And thank you so much for reading!


“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”.- John D. Rockefeller

*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****


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