Kbshimmer – Ins and Sprouts

Hello friends!!!

How are you?! First of all Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of you! I want to do a very quick post about today’s nails just cause I love this polish so much.

Back when I started to get interested in nails (about 2yrs ago) I found swatches of many KbShimmer polishes on pinterest and I fell in love with them even before I ever knew what an “indie” was. With time my fascination has grown more and more everytime I see pics and I was finally able to get my hands on some when I purchased that awesome tv deal they had on E! (6x $20) did you guys take advantage of that?
I was so pleased with the polishes I tried from that pack that I needed to get my hands on more! So here is the first polish from my second order.
“Ins and sprouts” is one of the holos from their spring collection, I admit I fell in lust with it as soon as I saw the first swatches and even though they were amazing, they don’t do this baby justice! This is one of the most in your face holos I’ve seen in a while and I LOVE that. Amazing formula, two super thin and easy coats for full opacity and your nails are perfection. The pics below are two coats+ kbshimmer top coat in artificial light.  I cannot wait to see it sunlight!!

wpid-photogrid_1426540284379.jpg wpid-photogrid_1426540409609.jpg



What do you think?!!  Isn’t it ah-mazing?
For my nail official Saint Patrick’s Day I decided to top my accent fingers with Amazing Chic Nails “madison” and add the little shamrocks that were sent to me by kbshimmer as gift with purchase. Hope you like it


Thank you so much for reading, and def pick this guy up! You need it!


**EDIT- Make sure to double your base coat, this beauty stained my nails. They might not stain yours but why run the risk?**

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