Revlon Perfumerie – Apricot Nectar

Hi friends!!

Just wanted to write up a really really quick post on one of my latest manis. My amazing nail bestie (BruisedUpDollie) sent me the most amazing package filled with lots of nail polish for my bday, and this is the one I tried first because since NJ has become the second North Pole,  I find myself desperately needing something cheerful on my nails. I wasn’t lucky enough to find any Revlon Perfumeries for 99c a couple of months back in the Walgreens sale and I really really wanted to try them! Thank the nail gods she did and sent me a couple! thanx love!! <3

Apricot Nectar is a beautiful coral creme that smells ah-mazing (like apricots of course), the formula is pretty ok. I think these usually retail for $6-$7?? to be brutally honest I wouldn’t pay full price for them seeing how there are some amazing indies out there that sell for $5-&9 (My Kinda Color, Mentality, KbShimmer among them). Although I’m very happy with it, and I LOVE the color, I say save your money for sales like these and don’t pay full price.  For my mani I did three coats of Apricot Nectar and paired it with Sally Hansen Nail wraps. I was very happy with the mani, hope you like it too!



 Have you tried this brand? if so let me know what you think! Thank you so much for reading!


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