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Hello friends!!

Happy to bring you my review of BornPrettyStore’s Plate BP-04. I’m so happy to see how these plates have improved!! The etching on them is wonderful and the images are very easy to pick up. The older plates were a bit of hit and miss but the ones I’ve gotten lately are all great! Let me show you the plate first.

(Image taken from BornPrettyStore website)



I have to admit I needed this plate because of the flamenco dancer. So that was of course the first image I tried. Here it is in a Mani using Milani Red Label



For my second mani with this plate I used Milani’s Corrupted Coral as base.


I really like this plate, I’m dying to use the peacocks soon!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you liked the Mani’s!!!




About BornPrettyStore:

A lot of ppl are hesitant to order from BPS but here is MY experience with them. I made a personal order before getting my press samples just so I would be able to talk about my experience as a customer.

Shipping: Got my order yes, my personal order not the press samples in 12 days! even faster than the stuff I order from Amazon or eBay.

Customer Service:   I personally wrote to them twice: once because I didn’t get a shipping notice, this email was answered within 24hrs. I also wrote because I had a question about a product, this email was answered within 48hrs. Unfortunately BOTH emails went into the spam folder, but I was checking so I found them immediately. I think this is one of the reasons why ppl say no one answers their mails..

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