Stamping with Zoya Naturel Satins




Hi friends!!!

I was asked to try the stamping quality of the Zoya Naturel Satin collection so I squeezed it in with today’s swatches. This is a very quick post just in case anyone was wondering about this.

First of all I started with a clean canvas and a plate I knew was good (BPS QA88)


I now after the fact, realize that a white base wasn’t the best to stamp over with such soft colors BUT I didn’t want the base to distract from the actual stamping. The formula for these guys is very similar, so the experience stamping was practically the same.

From left to right: Rowan, Sage, Tove, Ana






This last one was a lot more true to color before I top coated but alas, Seche dulled it quite a bit.


So, do they stamp well? YES! They do, even over black! This is not hard to believe seeing how the formula is on the thick side. I have to say I’m very happy with the way they stamp and I’m sure that a different base will make for a beautiful Mani.

Hope this post was helpful! Thank you for reading!





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