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Finger Lickin Lacquer Fall Collection 2014

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Hello friends!!!

So happy to be able to write to you today! It’s been quite a hectic month as my crazy family and I decided to move unexpectedly. hahaha So on the 31st I had no idea that I was going to be living in a new house by the 15th and of course I have been packing, cleaning the new home, cleaning the old home, moving and unpacking and let’s just say that life has been very stressful in the last weeks!

BUT, I was very lucky to receive these pretty babies from Finger Lickin Lacquer in the mail my first day at the new home, felt like a house warming present from the nail gods and since I desperately needed a break I decided to swatch them for you.

In the package I received the fall collection which is made up of nine polishes, they were perfectly packaged (some of the best I’ve seen) and full of sweet goodies which my son sure appreciated. This is a beautiful collection which not only focuses on the colors of fall but also in its scents. I am quite pleasantly surprised by it as I have never had “successfully” scented polishes before. I have tried a couple of scented polishes from well known store brands that quite simply didn’t cut it but these are completely different. As a matter of fact I was so impressed by the scents that my IG and page posts have focused mostly on how yummy these pretties are haha.

Before I introduce them to you one by one I want to tell you what they all have in common, the formulas are amazing! They dry so fast and are so flowy and smooth, an absolute dream to work with. The brushes are also very nice and allow you to polish right where you need to; I have to say I cleaned up just out of habit.

Let’s meet this collection one by one:

*Apple Tart- gorgeous holographic polish that will remind you of candy apples (one of my fav treats). Some IG friends commented it looked like jelly and it does! Also smells like yummy apple tart. Two coats + top coat in the pics

 finger lickin lacquer apple tart 1  finger lickin lacquer apple tart 2finger lickin lacquer apple tart outside


*Bonfire Night- one of my fav from this collection, the maker describes it as navy blue, I agree with but maybe I would say there’s a little dark grey hue to it too… this gorgeous scattered holo is one of my favs from the collection. I am absolutely in love with it! Oh and this one smells like cider. You see 2 coats + top coat in the pics.

finger lickin lacquer  bonfire 2   finger lickin lacquer bonfire 1

finger lickin lacquer bonfire outside 1 finger lickin lacquer bonfire outside 2

*Cranberry Cosmos- intense cranberry holo, absolutely gorgeous. My fav from this collection. The color is gorgeous, there’s a lot of depth to it and it smells like cranberry!! And I mean the good thanksgiving dinner cranberry. Two coats + top coat on this one

finger lickin lacquer  carnberry cosmos 2 finger lickin lacquer cranberry cosmos 1

finger lickin lacquer cranberry cosmos outside 1 finger lickin lacquer cranberry cosmos outside 2

*Fair Enchantress-plum crelly with copper and gold glitters, so beautiful! I really really really liked this polish and I cannot wait to put it over other bases. This is one of three unscented polishes from this collection. You see three coats + top coat

finger lickin lacquer fair enchantress 2finger lickin lacquer fair enchantress 3 finger lickin lacquer fair enchantress outside


*Harvest Moon- is a mustard yellow crelly with very soft holo shimmer. It’s a perfect fall color also unscented.  I had a little technical problem while photographing this little guy and I was only able to save one pic 🙁 I will be doing some nail art with it soon so I’ll def take pics soon. You see three coats + top coat

finger lickin lacquer harvest moon

*Mauvelous, Dahling! – This is a GORGEOUS scattered holo mauve perfect for this season. I have to say I fell in love with it right off the box. I think I’m on a mauve kick and this is one of the pretties I’ve seen if not the prettiest! She is the third unscented but I will not hold it against her as I could never hate her haha.. Two coats + top coat in the pics

finger lickin lacquer  mauvelous 1 finger lickin lacquer  mauvelous 2

finger lickin lacquer  mauvelous outside 1 finger lickin lacquer  mauvelous outside 2

*Poison Apple- is a green apple with gold flakes with little skull and cross bone glitters floating around. The glitters are not overwhelming and are very easy to fish out which makes them perfect for glitter placement.  This polish smells amazing just like green apples! Two coats + top coat in the pics

finger lickin lacquer poison apple 1 finger lickin lacquer poison apple 2 finger lickin lacquer poison apple outside


*Pumpking- an orange scattered holo polish with hints of green shimmer. This color IS fall. And it smells like sweet pumpkin pie!! I almost ate my nails and I would never even think about doing that, I love them! haha you see two coats + top coat

finger lickin lacquer pumpking 2 finger lickin lacquer pumpking

*Spoopy- I love this polish not only for the name (which is ever so cute) but also because this black crelly is so fun! It is full of hex glitters in orange, purple, yellow and green.  Halloween party anyone? Yes thank you!!! And this guy smells like sweet candy corn, yum! You see two coats + top coat.

finger lickin lacquer  spoopy 2 finger lickin lacquer  spoopy 1

finger lickin lacquer  spoopy outside 1 finger lickin lacquer  spoopy outside 2



With all this said… TRY this brand!! You will not regret it! I do have to warn you that you will be smelling your nails non-stop!! You’ll look like a loony but who cares?!



*These pretties are available as of today (Sept 26) at 8pm EST. The polishes are priced from $8.50-$10 per bottle and the entire set of nine polishes will be available for $80. She has also added some new scents for cuticle oils which include Pecan Pie, WHITE CHOCOLATE, Pumpkin Roll, Chai Tea, Mocha Latte, Cappuccino and Sweet Potato Pie… I think you can guess which one I’m getting…

Did you know that you can add scents to the unscented polish? Check the shop for more info.


*All Finger Lickin Lacquers are 5-free and are not tested on animals. They are also vegan-friendly (unless otherwise noted).

Thank you so much for reading!! And thank you Finger Lickin Lacquer for allowing me to enjoy these pretties!


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**The opinion expressed above is 100% honest and based on MY personal experience with the brand***

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