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Eating Disorder Awareness

Hi friends!!

As a blogger I have the opportunity to reach people all over the world and sometimes I feel like it’s my duty to use this outlet for things other than nails… I don’t do this often but today I feel the need to do so…

In the beginning of the year a dear friend of mine, a woman whom I admire immensely because of her strength, her intelligence, her compassion, she’s an amazing person overall, told me she was at the E.R with her 11yo daughter.  The daughter has had some health issues for years which she has been fighting with medications. But suddenly she began to lose weight; I think it was a matter of 15lbs in two weeks, for an already thin child that’s a lot. So her mother (my friend) immediately took her to the doctors, after ruling out many things they realized that one of the medications she was taking had anorexia as a side effect, how  could this happen? How could we allow such a thing to be in the market? Well it is, and there are many other medications that cause it out there.

Since then, the daughter has been in and out of the hospital and centers specializing in these conditions and the whole family has had to learn to adapt to the situation and realized the incredible lack of information and education there is in today’s society about eating disorders.

Eating disorders are a sickness, they should be treated as such, yet our schools are not aware of the necessities the children suffering from them have. Our public officials aren’t aware of the needs of millions of Americans suffering from the different eating disorders out there.

This is important! This matters! This has to change! And today my friend and MANY other mothers and family members of people suffering from these disorders are out there in Washington marching to have their voice heard, and to have their loved ones be taken into consideration. About 10% of people that suffer from these disorders DIE, did you know this? I didn’t! I had no clue until my friend told me. As the amazing mother she is, she has joined clubs, groups, has educated herself and her loved ones about this and the whole family is battling this together, as they should. I only hope that everyone who is going through this has a person like this in their lives.

If you are in Washington, please show your support! Click in the pic for more info

march against eating dissorders

Today I have decided to paint my nails purple with a butterfly, the color and symbol of the fight against eating disorders, to somehow support them in their fight.

 eating disorder awareness 2 eating disorder awareness


To all of you suffering from this… you can do it! Seek help! This will not beat you. Stay strong and fight for your life!


 To all my awesome nail lovers, Thank you for reading!

and I love you Rubia! you are my hero!




Medications that may cause anorexia:

National Eating Disorder Association

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