wnw Heatwave daisies 2

Wet N Wild Heatwave Daisies

Hi friends!!

A quick post to share more pics of my little daisy mani. Hope you’re all doing well!! it is hot as hell here in NJ!! OMG thank God for air conditioner and cold drinks! I’ve been trying to be good about posting lately but now I’m afraid I might be spamming you! lol 

Where you able to hit the WnW Rite Aid promo not too long ago? I was!! I went crazy trying to get me more clear base for jellies! And I of course could not resist and picked up a couple of more shades since they were BOGO. This one really caught my eye bc the bottom was way lighter than the top, yes typically a sign of “don’t buy this polish” but I’m weird and I really liked the “ombre” effect and since it was free I said “why not?” and got it!

I love it!! Not the best durability but I love the wide brushes on this line and I really felt like doing something simple and pretty.

How do you nail art daisies? quite easy actually.. just get a striper and gently press the tip down on your nail and that’s a petal, go around and finish off with a dot in the center and you’re done!  Easy as pie!

Here are more pics! hope you like it!!!

wnw Heatwave daisies 0 wnw Heatwave daisies 1 wnw Heatwave daisies 2

Thank  you for reading!!

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