disasterpiece duplicity (1)

Disasterpiece Polish Duality Swatch and Review

Hi friends!!!

Today I’m showing you Duality, one of the polishes I purchased from the new Indie brand Disasterpiece Polish. This polish is discontinued because the glitters sink in but I loved the blue so I decided to buy it anyway. I am NOT sorry!   This is an explosive blue polish that increased (if possible) my love for blue polish! I LOVE the shade!! And while it is true that the glitter is hard to come by because it is completely sunk in; I do really really really hope she’s able to save the shade because it’s amazing.

Warning! Loud (and beautiful) blue polish swatch ahead!

disasterpiece duplicity (1)

In sunlight:

disasterpiece duality




I added a couple of rhinestones by BPS to spice it up a little. Info and discount code for them here.

disasterpiece duality rhinestoe

disasterpiece duality fingers


 disasterpiece duplicity (2)


What do you think?? I really liked it!! Crossing fingers so that this shade doesn’t die!


Thank you for reading and please. Let me know what you think!

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