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Tip Top Nails South Africa Review and Swatches


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Hi everyone!!!

Here again with a swatch and review for you! Not too long ago I got a box full of goodies from TIP TOP Nails South Africa. I was so excited! The colors that were sent to me were very varied and I have to say I really liked that. Nail polish is fun and we should play with it! So variety is key! In this post I’ll review 4 of these pretties for you, i hope you enjoy reading!

Let me first tell you what they all have in common, QUALITY! These polishes have amazing quality; they go on very very very nicely, last a long time and dry super fast! I’m truly impressed by them! I will def put them up there with OPI as far as formula is concerned.

*I will start with the two duo polishes. These are the firsts I try of these kind, they never appealed to me because I thought they’d be hard to work with but they are surprisingly ergonomic, although the one with the caviar was a little heavy and you had to keep an eye on it so it wouldn’t tip over. In the pics you’ll see two coats + top coat

Can’t tell a lilac- This is a very pretty purple duo, the two shades go together perfectly and make for a feminine mani which is why I decided that flowers were perfect for it.

Tip top can't tell a lilac (2) Tip top can't tell a lilac (1) tip top can't tell a lilac nail art

Beauty and the beach- is SOO pretty! this is the pink I’ve been looking for for a long time, for my baby pinks I usually use French Affair by Essie but the formula on it was so terrible and I needed to replace it, this is perfect! the caviar beads are a great option to spice up a mani quickly and effortless. This is my second time doing a caviar mani, the first time the beads were gone within hours but these I actually had to take off two days later!

tip top Beauty and the beach (3) tip top Beauty and the beach (2) tip top Beauty and the beach nail art

*Now on to the single polishes, these pics are also two coat + top coat:

As the beat grows on- WOW!!!!! This is a TRUE neon! no white base necessary for this baby and it is almost blinding! THIS is what a neon polish should be like. I felt like I belonged at a beach in the Caribbean with this baby on my nails. lol (yes this one needed 4 pics)

tip top as the beat goes on (1) tip top as the beat goes on (2) tip top as the beat goes on (3) tip top as the beat goes on nail arted

Breath of fresh air- This color is so pretty!! so soft and feminine! perfect color for work and then spice it up with some glitter for a date.

tip top Breath of fresh air  (1) tip top Breath of fresh air  (2) tip top Breath of fresh air  nail art

There are two more of these polishes left for which I have done separate reviews, please check them out here and here.


Thank you for reading !! And thank you Joan from Tip Top Nails for giving me the oportunity to swatch for you! I really appreciate it!



Where to buy? check out their page:


Definately follow them on FB!! they have giveaways all the time and give great tips about nail care etc.



About Tip Top Polish:

The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.
The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of nail colour & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics: Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free.
The afore mentioned was achieved by ensuring that their products are:
• Manufactured under the most stringent conditions
• Utilising only the finest raw materials available
• Developing cutting-edge formulations
• Keeping abreast with the most up to date fashion trends
• Doing no harm by ensuring their products are not tested on animals
• Developing products which are-Vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) and Camphor FREE

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