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My Stamping Adventures- MoYou London Review

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Hi everyone!!

Many have been the times I sat down.. gotten all my pretty polishes, set up my mani station and tried to stamp only to end up feeling disappointed, and like a dummy for not being able to get a clean image or sometimes not even being able to get any type of image to transfer to the stamper let alone my nail!! I tried different brands of polishes.. drooled over stamped manis online (felt bad about myself), tried special konad stamping polishes.. felt even worse about myself and had to continue to drool over the pretty pics I saw. Why was I not able to do this? is it me? is it the polish? is it the plate? what is it?!

Well.. after a few months and a couple of “successfully” stamped manicures I realized two things.. first;  stamping needs practice. second; a good plate makes a huge difference! I wish I had known this before because it would have saved me a lot of aggravation.

How did I realize this? well this happened gradually. My first attempts at stamping were with the cheapest/ best rated for their price plates I could find on Amazon(GAL Princess set). These were tried several times but I couldn’t get the hang of them so I left stamping in the back drawer of my nail things.. studied several videos on YouTube and brought them out again a couple of months later. But I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I went for my second set of stamping plates (this time a PUEEN buffet) I have to say the stamping got better with those but still not what I wanted, I know many more experienced girls work great with these but for a beginner like me, the results were very irregular.

I felt like needed something simple  that would allow me to concentrate on the design and not so much on getting the image in my nail. It was then when I was lucky enough to have MoYou London send me a couple of their plates for review. OMG! the game has changed completely! Just by touching it you see the difference with the others, these images are engraved deeper in the plate and are better etched. when you clean the polish off the plate it almost feels like you’re grating the cotton! Now I of course know that MoYou London is a company with a great reputation and well known for their products, but I am very happy to have confirmed this myself. People are not lying when they say Moyou London is amazing!

Their designs are beautiful, and it’s VERY hard to pick just a couple of their plates, but here are the ones I chose:

MoYou mother nature plateMoYou sailor plate


I Do have to warn you that if you are new to stamping, you are gonna be spoiled and not many other plates will compare to these, on the other hand you’ll save yourself the aggravation of having to try a million brands/plates before you are able to stamp. If you are NOT new to stamping.. then Oh man are the possibilities endless with these beauties!

This are my first manis with these babies, hope you like them!

*For the first mani I tried my luck at filling in images on the stamp. I was very pleased and happy at how easy it was and at how detailed these butterflies were. I messed up on one but that was completely my fault or rather the fault of a running 4yo 🙂

MoYou butterfly mani MoYou butterfly mani 2

*For the second mani I wanted something soft and feminine, not much to say about this other than the fact that the image transferred perfectly in both nails and I am very happy with the results.

MoYou nude with black stamp MoYou nude with black stamp 2

*For the third mani I went with another new technique for me. Up to this point I had never felt comfortable enough to try “playing” with stamps but this time I went for it and chose to do a blue gradient, wow was this easy to do! Just brushed both colors on the image and voila!

MoYou nautical MoYou nautical 2


*My fourth mani is this pretty mermaid mani I have on right now. I have to say I am in LOVE with it.. unfortunately it’s the one that’s photographed the worse 🙁

MoYou mermaid MoYou mermaid 2

All these manis were stamped with normal polish, different brands, successfully stamped at first try. That makes for a happy girl! I’m definitely getting more, my only problem now?! I have no idea what to choose since they are all so pretty!!

What’s your favorite MoYou London plate? Please share!

**The post above is based on my OWN PERSONAL opinions and experience**

9 thoughts on “My Stamping Adventures- MoYou London Review

  1. luv the designs! nice mani. even i am still trying to perfect stamping and can understand when you say about not getting the designs stamp properly. nice post 🙂

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read Madhu! I’m a big fan! And isn’t it the worst? I have been close to tears from aggravation and disappointment! Thank god it wasn’t ME! 🙂

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