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Hello friends!!

Winter is coming!! (Yes I’m a GoT geek and was dying to say that so what?!) and with it come winter collections!!! woo-hoo! I lala love winter colors! Today we inaugurate the winter collection season with Pretty & Polished‘ gorge 12 piece collection. Let’s take a look at it!

Obligatory Christmas Polish


A white crelly Polish packed with red and green metallic glitter and golden holographic glitter.


Christmas in a bottle!!! love P&P crellies and of course this is no exception. the application was super easy, good formula, no dragging, no glitter fishing, good coverage and perfect for the season! you see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics!!



And here it is with a matte top coat.


Blue Balls


A light blue crelly packed with round blue glitters in different sizes.


Teehee @ the name. haha. I absolutely love how light-hearted Chels was when naming this collection. Makes it even more fun! This is another beauty, I love the round glitters! again, coverage is good, there is a tiny bit of dragging due to the size of the glitters but nothing alarming. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15135562_337101069995288_194278793_n 15134339_337101066661955_385676487_n 15151328_337101063328622_868927238_n

Shameless Sugarplum


A light pink crelly with a soft gold and pink shimmer packed with blue, pink, and purple glitters.


These colors usually look horrible on me! But not this one, I’m actually quite digging this guy. Formula was awesome, no dragging, no fishing good coverage. Three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15086218_337100369995358_131732832_n 15139361_337100379995357_66328951_n 15129920_337100366662025_1740042464_n

Rocks in my Snowballs


 A white crelly polish packed with white, gray, and black glitters.


Love this!! love that it isn’t your typical salt and pepper polish, all the mix of glitters actually make it seem more like a grayish on the nail which I really dig. Great formula again, super packed with glitter but the application is easy as pie! You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15134328_337100969995298_1005875926_n 15134367_337100966661965_58400009_n 15086246_337100976661964_196116643_n

Throw Some Glitter On It


A full coverage glitter bomb packed with pinks, purples, blues, oranges, coppers, and a scattering of color shifting flakes.


What a gorgeous polish!!! I absolutely love the mix of glitters! The coverage is very good, formula is easy to work with, nothing to report here. You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15129865_337101839995211_1050762726_n 15128532_337101829995212_1724914028_n


Spike My Cider


 A light brown holographic polish packed with brown holographic glitter.


Beautiful color! One of the most unique I’ve seen this season. Formula is flawless! You see two coat plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15151182_337100263328702_1542296154_n 15134494_337100269995368_1975986177_n


With matte top coat


I Busted My Glass


 A glitter topper packed with metallic and holographic glitters in different shapes and sizes.


Gahhhh!!! love all these glitter shards!! I love a good glitter topper and this one is one of the best I have seen. Crushed jewels anyone?? yass!! You see only one good coat on top of black and topped with one coat of glossy top coat.

15134424_337101776661884_1392843159_n 15086443_337101789995216_57702154_n 15139238_337101773328551_346118655_n

That’s Just Plum Dandy


 A dark plum purple Dusty Creme.


Dusty cremes are life! I swear this is my favorite finish ever. The formula is always amazing and the colors are so pretty!!

15086837_337101679995227_459911176_n 15151143_337104256661636_2086404423_n


I Need a Taupe-ical Vacation


 A soft Taupe Dusty Creme.


Same as above!! Formula is perfection as always! you see three thin coats plus glossy top coat.

15139713_337100843328644_367290161_n 15139746_337100829995312_1965137570_n


Yule Thank Me Later


 A blue to green multi-chrome polish packed with golden shimmer and color shifting flakes.


This is a gorgeous shade! Definitely one of my favorites from the collection. The formula is perfection! Super easy to work with and just perfect!! You see two coats plus top coat in the pics.

15151003_337100529995342_832244175_n 15128637_337100523328676_1974401285_n


With matte top coat.


Sleighing It!


A red to orange multi-chrome polish with a strong linear holo effect.


Another beauty!! hahaha I know I’m repeating myself quite a bit!! BUT it’s true! I honestly haven’t seen this color before and not only is it unique but it has one of the best formulas I have seen in this color family/finish. Three thin fast drying coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

15139413_337100863328642_943641961_n 15135438_337100866661975_1522751625_n


With a matte top coat.


Brisky Business


 A dark blue to purple multi-chrome polish with color shifting flakes.


ok yes.. how could I not tell you that this is a beauty?! cause you can obviously see it! it’s a beauty!!!! and the formula is a dream!! gahh get this baby and get it now! you need it in your life!

15086865_337101183328610_989852730_n 15128711_337101179995277_839765982_n


With a matte top coat.


Love this collection!!! Chels had an amazing winter 2015 collection last year and this year’s is just as good!

This brand is super close to my heart guys!! definitely pick up your favorites, don’t think twice about it!

These are currently available at Pretty & Polished

This Collection retails for $90 (qualifies for free domestic shipping). Individual polishes range from $7.50-$9usd. Do NOT forget to use the code “MONISMANI10” for 10% off your order!

Thank you so much for reading!!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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press sample

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