Halloween 2016 Mani Guide!

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Hello friends!!

I loveeeee Halloween Nail Art!  This year I came back from a long hiatus just in time to be able to do some nail art for you guys.. 15 Halloween manis at that! Let’s take a look at all of them!!! Also, FYI my Halloween plate collection is very poor so you’ll notice me using just a couple of them over and over again.. I hope it will serve to give you ideas of doing many different looks using the same tools.

Look #1

Base: Turtle Tootsie’s Gobling Goodies reviewed here.

This was probably my simplest mani. I just felt like the base had it all and really didn’t want to cover much of it. This is one of the best crellies I have seen this season! Image is from MoYou London Festive 16 plate.


Look #2

Base: Turtle Tootsie’s Spooky Pumpkin reviewed here.

Again, another stunner from this brand! ugh so in love with this polish it is actually the first of its color family that I have loved so hard! I stamped in black using MoYou London Festive 16. 


Look #3

Base: Turtle Toostie’s Ogre Blood reviewed here.

I free-handed some stitches on this baby cause I mean… it has to be done!! what’s a Halloween  nail round-up without stitches?


Look #4

Base: Turtle Tootsie’s Bat Slime reviewed here.

This was a gorge in your face holo with some bat glitters… I drew a spooky scene with trees, a fence and a spooky shadow on my pointer finger.


Look #5

Base: Pretty & Polished She’ll Tear You Apart reviewed here.

Loved this mani! always wanted to do some skeleton nail art and was finally able to do it using MoYou London Festive 16


Look #6

Base: Pretty & Polished Hail To The Queen, Baby! reviewed here.

For this mani I stamped with MoYou London Festive 16 and sponged on some gloomy clouds using white and gray.


Look #7

Base: Pretty & Polished The Night She Came Home reviewed here.

Sooo proud of this mani!! It has even been featured in Latina Magazine! I couldn’t even believe it! In all honestly the base did it all! It’s just so gorgeous! I stamped of course using MoYou London Festive 16.


Look #8

Base: Colores de Carol The Glitter Phantom reviewed here.

This glitter was perfect! the perfect Halloween treasure if you ask me! I did some negative space art and stamped some webs at the bottom. I don’t recall the plate but I’m pretty sure it’s my MoYou London Festive 16.


Look #9

Base:  Colores de Carol Vampire Nightmare reviewed here.

Black cats!! really wanted to do some black cat nail art.. This is actually something I believe in real life.. black cats giving you bad luck. Don’t know why but I do. Cats from  MoYou London Festive 16


Look #10

Base:  Colores de Carol Morticia reviewed here.

What a gorgeous blue!! I love this shade from CDC what a beauty!! I did some dry brushing with silver and black over the base and then stamped some skulls using a random plate I found on ebay and of course my trusty  MoYou London Festive 16 for the word Halloween.


Look #11

Base: Colores de Carol Chimera reviewed here

I adored this orange!! totally tried to do a blood splash mani using a straw and Vampire Nightmare  from the same maker. I like the way it looked although I must admit it looked better in person.


Look #12

Base: Polish M Seasonal Splendor reviewed here.

I loved this super sweet shade by Polish M!! I just needed to do something totally wicked to it hahaha which is why of course I stamped some awesome voodoo dolls on top using Bundle Monster Plate Bm-S242  and a matte top coat to seal the deal.


Look #13

Base: Polish M Lone Scarecrow reviewed here.

This has to be one of my favorite if not my favorite Halloween mani ever!! ahhh so happy I purchased the Bundle Monster BM-S246 plate!! It’s perfection!!


Look #14

Base:  Cupcake Polish Nut’n Better    reviewed here

Is this polish not the perfect base for a gloomy forest? cause I think so! hahaha. For this baby I stamped using   Bundle Monsters Halloween Set and sponged on the clouds and the fog at the tip.


Look #15

Base: Cupcake Polish   Apple-y Ever After  reviewed here

My second favorite ever Halloween mani! gorgeous red base called for some Dracula action. Red base plus some saran wrap technique using black polish.  Pointer, middle and pinky fingers were stamped with images from Bundle Monsters Halloween Set and for the ring finger I used an image from MoYou London Festive 16. 


Thank you sooo much for reading!! I hope you liked the manis!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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