Having Fun with Polish M’s Fall

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Hello friends!!

How are you??? If you saw my review  of Polish M’s fall collection a couple of weeks ago you know that I loved it so of course I had to revisit it! I really wanted to do some seasonal looks so I came up with these three manis. Let’s take a look at each one!

Look #1

Base: A Bit Corny 

For this mani I used I did a “simple” nude base and stamped on some tiny leaves using Apple Orchard (one of my favorite from this collection. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how well it stamped! This is honestly one of those manis that look better in your head. I like it but meh. I guess you never know what it will really look like until you do it, right?

14800671_320780751627320_97141690_n 14801023_320780744960654_1103555309_n

Look #2

Base: Seasonal Splendor

I have loved this polish from the first second I laid eyes on it!! so gorgeous!! It’s so sweet and girly ahh.. Of course I needed to add something wicked and what better than these voodoo dolls from Bundle Monster Plate Bm-S242I’m showing it to you in both matte and glossy. I think I prefer matte, how about you?

14813696_320780734960655_734041456_n 14797485_320780738293988_1798350426_n

Look #3

Base: Lone Scarecrow

Another beauty from this collection.. I thought it the perfect base for this zombie mani. I honestly love the way this came out and for once I actually like the glossy picture even more than the matte. So crazy!! Plate used was Bundle Monster BM-S246

14799014_320780761627319_1661828496_n 14628027_320780758293986_1525542166_n


This collection is still available and retails for $90USD + Shipping and can be purchased as a whole here.

Or individually from $8-$12USD individually + shipping. Check out my full review here

And… guess what?!!! Michelle has given us a discount code for any purchase of any fall color but it’s only good for a month so ppl.. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!  lol I get nothing from it other than the satisfaction of enabling haha.


Thank you so much for reading and thank you Michelle the code!. 

Til next time friends! Find all shop info and media links below. 


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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press sample

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