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Hello friends!!

Hope you’re all doing great!! I have two beautiful polishes from Literary Lacquers to show you today! They were inspired by the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe and were done in collaboration with Jen Carter of xoxoJen. Was I the only one obsessed with this writer?? Cause I remember being a teen and being totally in love with his poetry although I must admit that the Raven is not my favorite Poe poem (my favorite poem ever is Annabel Lee also by Poe). I always loved his way with words and  it is a true pleasure to be able to blog polishes inspired by his work.. makes my emo 16yo self proud. 🙂


“Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore;–
     ‘Tis the wind and nothing more!”

And This Mystery Explore 

Is a bronzy/grayish crelly packed with holographic copper and orange holographic microglitter and shimmer.
This is one hell of a beauty! Ahh so gorgeous and unique.. doesn’t it look like a really cool rusty bronzy sparkly jewel? The formula was wonderful, opacity in 2 coats for me. You see two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.
14686117_318825625156166_677938921_n 14741838_318825628489499_1058404799_n
For nail art I stamped in black , I really like the color combo but I’m not sure if I love the mani, maybe the ratio of filigree to flower should have been different?
Sweet Lenore 
Is a bronze metallic linear holo with just a touch of grunge.
This polish is fantastic! the formula was an absolute dream, super easy and flowy, no noticeable sign of brushstrokes which is amazing for a metallic! You see two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.
14741162_318825328489529_1363153748_n 14686151_318825221822873_1902635512_n
With a matte top coat!
I free-handed a side french and a little stripe in black.. I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally digging the look! Hope you like it too!
These two beauties release today October 17 at noon mountain time. And This Mystery Explore retails for $10usd and Sweet Lenore for $12usd (shipping not included in these prices)
Literary Lacquers will also be offering a small discount if you purchase these two plus Soul Within Me Burning The Raven Trio will be available for $32.50
These are both awesome so make sure to pick them up!  you need them!! 😉
Thank you so much for reading! and thank you Literary Lacquers for trusting me with these!
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press sample

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