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Hello friends!!

I have another Halloween collection for you today!! Ou Yeahhh!! have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?? welp.. I do! It’s my favorite favorite time for nail art (besides xmas of course).


Today I have a lovely quartet by Colores de Carol to show you. How stinking cute are those heart shaped labels?!!! There are three gorge holos plus one glitter bomb in this collection, let’s look at them one by one.

Vampire Nightmare


Is a dark brownish red holographic with gold glitter and holo flakes.


This is what I think of when I think Halloween. Love this shade!! The formula was wonderful, three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics. I could have gotten away with 2 but I’m a VNL obsessed psycho and needed that third coat just in case.

14741143_316422485396480_1061342230_n 14686269_316422482063147_482353701_n


For nail art I figured some black cats would look cool and I liked the end result. Here you see it in both glossy and matte. Which finish do you like best?

14694729_316422472063148_404393553_n 14741218_316422448729817_1369784997_n

The Glitter Phantom


Is a sparkly clear base packed with white, orange, green and black glitters and black bats.


So I decided to do this baby on its on as all the swatches I had seen used it as a topper (see my awesome bestie’s here). I don’t know if I’m happy with my decision though.. you see one coat plus two sponged on coats plus one coat of glossy top coat.. I didn’t have any problems with the formula at all, the first coat had scattered glitters (perfect for topping) and the sponging totally got the job done. I really like the glitter combo on this, it’s like Halloween jewels! yay!

14686385_316422672063128_1773351485_n 14696763_316422702063125_1106716106_n


For nail art I decided to do a little gradient and some spider web stamping over negative space.

14657766_316422668729795_1764495421_n 14658188_316422685396460_213251459_n



Is a deep blurple (more blue though) holographic with blue shimmer to it, micro holo glitter and holo flakes.


This is a gorgeous baby!! Ahhh you know I love my blues!! The formula on this is wonderful! I did three thin coats plus glossy top coat for this. A dream!

14699913_316422578729804_1292764116_n 14658445_316422598729802_31486352_n


For nail art I dry brushed white and black polish and stamped some skulls in silver. You see it in glossy and matte top coats. Let me know which one you like better!

14741826_316422552063140_812735804_n 14686410_316422555396473_1554443897_n



Is a semi metallic orange holographic with orange holo glitter and micro holo flakes.


This is the perfect pumpkin colored holo. Halloween perfection!! The formula was amazing.. so good and easy to work with.. just a dream!



For nail art I did some straw blobs using Vampire Nightmare. Loved the way this looked.. did I just kill someone? did I just eat cherries? lol


The quartet came with an awesome baggie filled with bat glitter. Yay!


I loved this collection!!! these are all winners in my book. I couldn’t tell you to buy just one! 

The Colores de Carol Halloween 2016 Collection retails for $40USDA + Shipping and  is available now and it’s on it’s LAST batch so, get it NOW. Or individually for $11USDA + shipping.  Do NOT forget to use our code: MONI for 10% off your order!



Thank you so much for reading!! Thank you Carolina for letting me review these!!

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