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Hello friends!!

Sup sup sup!! ahh I am LOVING all these gorge fall collections!! I think fall is my fav time of the year overall and fall collections definitely do NOT disappoint me! Today I have the pleasure of showing you Cupcake Polish’ Fall Fancies.. they are gorge, let’s take a look at hem!

Owl Always Love You



This beautiful light blue holo with silver flakes has a formula that is on the thick side without being too thick or hard to work with.. For the pics you see two coats plus top coat, dries fast and even and the formula flows naturally.

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Nut’n Better 



A gorgeous bronzy brownish “in yo face” holo that dries a bit matte, formula is good and flowy. You see 2 coats plus top coat in the pics

14625266_312890009083061_745074240_n 14593696_312890019083060_1104099622_n


Apple-y Ever After



If you know me, you know I have a red holo baby daddy, well… I will just tell you I am willing to take on a lover. This is a beauty!!!  the formula was amazing and easy to work with. You see two coats plus top coat in the pics

14620089_312889952416400_162099871_n 14620004_312889955749733_1028455494_n


Let Your Gourd Down



Gorgeous shade of blue packed with holo goodness.. I know it’s fall but your sunglasses on ladies!! this holo will blind you! dries a bit dull, good formula, fast drying. You see  2 coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.






What a gorgeous polish!!! gaaahhhhh! I was a huge fan of the last green holo I reviewed for this brand and damn it! I think this is my favorite green holo brand now.. two absolute knock outs! Formula is great and also dries a tiny bit dull, you will need glossy top coat to make it shine, you see 2 coats plus top coat in the pics.

14625338_312889612416434_198272088_n 14608163_312889635749765_977890333_n


Plum Perfect



Another absolute beauty! I have to say that I love this polish but there are so many amazing ones in this collection that this baby doesn’t quite stand out as it would with a normal collection. It’s gorgeous, formula is great, also dries a tiny bit dull.. you see two coats plus top coat in the pics.

14607942_312889359083126_1838826699_n 14619876_312889352416460_1501408734_n


As per usual, amazing collection by Cupcake Polish. They are all winners so if you like any of them.. go for it!!

The Fall Fancies collection launches October 9th at 12pm CST.  $13usda each + shipping.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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press sample

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Have you tried ebates ? I have and LOVE it! Ask me about it!

Have you tried ebates ? I have and LOVE it! Ask me about it!

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