Hello again!

Hi guys!!!!!
Wow it’s been such a long time since I last wrote to you. I have missed you so much. It’s funny how I’m pretty sure no one ever reads my post yet writing to “you” is so therapeutic and good for my spirit. So, after 1 surgery, 2 major sinus infections, 6 weeks of antibiotics and countless specialists I am finally back.. yay!!! 
I have truly missed this whole blogging thing, the hustle, the launches, the interaction, absolutely everything!!
 I will be taking it very easy as my nose is still pretty sensitive to scents so I definitely can’t go on my usual swatchatons :(( BUT I have a lot of awesome things coming up, some things from the summer that I need to show you even though it’s fall and I know we’re all craving those fall colors, you NEED to see them.. and some new fall colors that are absolutely amazing!  
Thank you so much for sticking with me and for your support! 
Let’s get our polish on!!!! 

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