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Guest Polish- PolishedVino

Hi friends!!

Today I have my personal nail crush guest posting for you guys! I’m so excited! Chrissy has such gorgeous natural nails I cannot help but die every time i see her manis!! Let’s get to know her a bit better!!


Hi, everyone! I’m Chrissy of Polished Vino and I’m so excited to be a guest on Monica’s blog! I don’t have a blog, myself but love the concept of blogging and being able to read more in-depth postings on nail and beauty products.

I was inspired by a mani of Moni’s and decided to re-create it for my “spotlight”. : )

chrissy 2

Products used: Potion Polish “Beach Break” INM Nails Out The Door Matte Topcoat Gold decals from eBay


Simple yet elegant! I realized that I don’t use a matte topcoat enough and that’s about to change. It’s such a sleek look as opposed to a traditional shiny manicure.

If you would like to visit any of my social media sites, I would be so grateful! I have an indie nail vinyl business and have merged together customer manis, my own nail art, and my store products on my accounts. There’s lots to be seen!

I’m wishing Monica a speedy recovery and can’t WAIT to have her return to the nail game. I need my Moni’s Mani eye candy!


What do you guys think? is she not great?! I absolutely love her nails and her nail art. Do yourself a favor and follow her her social media!! oh yeah and she also makes awesome vinyls so def check those out too!!

Thank you so much for guest posting for me Chrissy!! I really apprecciate your help!


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