Anchor & Heart Lacquer- A Happy Accident 2.0, Sweet Love, Wherever I’m With You

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Hello friends!!

How are you ?? Have you seen Anchor & Heart Lacquer pop up on your screen lately?? I have!! I have been eyeing this brand since it came out and felt like I really really needed to give it a try (bc everything looked gorge)!!  so I contacted the maker and asked if there was a chance I could purchase with a blogger discount,  there was!!  I arranged a purchase date with her and on placed my first anchor heart  order on that date.


I have to say I was completely blown away when my package showed up on a Monday after having ordered on Friday afternoon,  I had seriously never had any order arrive so incredibly fast! The package was beautiful!! So many beautiful details to it, the big mermaid stamp on the envelope,  the beautiful little bag (inside the mailing envelope) in which my polishes were hidden, the card, the gorgeous magnet, and the polish!! Oh the polish looked sooo good I was dying to get it on my nails!! Let me first show you my swatches and I will talk about formula at the end.

Sweet Love 

Is a super pretty beige nude with a tiny hint of purple iridescent shimmer and packed with gold and copper tiny holo glitters. You see four coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1461205170608 (1) PhotoGrid_1461205308623


A Happy Accident 2.0


Is a light turquoise crelly style polish with various sizes of holographic and matte glitter in turquoise, bronze and gold. You see four coats plus top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1461206841845 PhotoGrid_1461207105579


Wherever I’m With You


Is a medium purple crelly with  violet/pink/gold shifting flakies, and a hint of blue shift. You see three thin coats plus glossy and matte top coats in the pics. Macro is top with matte top coat and bottom with glossy.

PhotoGrid_1461279651262 PhotoGrid_1461280319692


There you have them! What do you think?? The polishes are beautiful to say the least, but while I really liked the formula on Wherever I’m With You (3 thin coats, no problems, lovely finish and standard “quick” dry time), I did find myself wishing for a better formula on Sweet Love and A Happy Accident 2.0,  I found them to be very sheer and thin.
As you know, polishing is very personal, we all do it differently. The way we polish is kind of our fingerprint if you will, it’s very unique and personal and no two people polish the same. That being said, I must point out that I am a thin coat polisher, I just like thinner coats because they allow me to have more control over what I’m doing, the coats dry faster and thin coats are what feel comfortable for me.

With these two babies the first coat barely covered, I tried a second thicker coat but it pooled on the sides as I have weird curvy nails, at the end four coats were necessary for both. Am I happy with this? Welp I’d be lying if I said I was.. To me, 4 coat polishes fall into the “ain’t nobody got time for that” category. I have had four coaters featured on my blog many times, and while at the moment I think that the polish is pretty and think that I could wear them again, I rarely ever reach for them again. While I know that many people are ok with four coaters, I know that the majority of us aren’t so, I am gonna say that I like not love these guys, yes on the shade no on the formula. And yes, I do know what a crelly is supposed to look/feel and apply like, you can check over 2yrs worth of pictures in this blog in which I have talked about all kinds of finishes including crellies.

I spoke to Taryn (maker of Anchor and Heart Lacquer) about this, and ugh this is an ahmazing lady guys!! She was super sweet and understanding, so willing to listen to my opinion and valued my input all the way. She explained to me that she makes her polish in very small batches, what does that mean to you? Well it means that if you ordered these, there is a huge chance that you will not get the same formula as mine and yours will be just fine. So do not panic if you have these babies on their way to your arms. Future orders should have no problems.
She also notified her fans of this immediately and told everyone that she would replace any bottle that was sheer like mine, who does this guys??!! Only a maker with impeccable work ethics! I wish I had seen this behavior from brands (we all know who, no need to mention it) with a lot more seniority!

So, overall I have to say that I would most definitely purchase from this brand again, her packaging is beautiful,  her shipping is extremely quick, that little magnet is gorgeous and a super classy touch. Just loved it!

Thank you so much for reading!! Thank you Taryn for being such a sweetheart. Wish you the best!

You can find the maker’s info below.



So, you’ve read the post above and I just wanted to give you an update on this situation. After I spoke to Taryn and she took the steps above (informed her fans right away and gave everyone the option of getting a replacement if needed) she went ahead and sent me a replacement of the two bottles I thought were a bit thin (A Happy Accident 2.0 and Sweet Love) and let me tell you, there is a huge difference specially in AHA 2.0. The new formulas are just a tiny bit thicker without being too thick, and they do the job in just three thin coats. Super easy to work with, fast drying and welp more like what I expected from this brand.

It all seems like it was just a bad batch, happens to everyone! Again, I am happy to see that there are great brands out there with wonderful costumer service who value a user’s input and who not only own up to their “mistakes” but who also fix them immediately. The swatches below show you three thin coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.

Thank you so much Taryn! Like I said before, I really wish you the best!!

PhotoGrid_1462423033558 (1) PhotoGrid_1462421191539

*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

****Purchased with a Blogger Discount****

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14 thoughts on “Anchor & Heart Lacquer- A Happy Accident 2.0, Sweet Love, Wherever I’m With You

  1. This is how you write a professional but honest review of a product and this is also how I would hope makers react when receiving criticism. I have A Happy Accident 2.0 and mine isn’t sheer. So I would also recommend Taryn’s polishes to anyone. Excellent review Monica!

  2. Taryn has quickly become one of my favorite indies, not only because of her gorgeous polish, but also for her stellar customer service and customer interaction 😀 Beautiful swatches!!

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