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Hello friends!!

How are you today?? are you a fan of GoT?!! I know I am!! I cannot wait for the new season to start I’m just dying to see what they’ll come up with (or take down) next. In the meantime, ellagee has come out with some pretties to dress our little GoT loving nails with!

The Game of Theories Collection is made of four beautiful new holos. Let’s look at them one by one. My thoughts on formula at the end.

No One


Is a pale silver with rainbow iridescent flakes, gold flash, and strong holographic shimmer.

PhotoGrid_1460514010945 (1) PhotoGrid_1460512761792


Azor Ahai


Is a rose/coral with flakes that shift from red-orange to gold, gold flash, and strong holographic shimmer.

PhotoGrid_1460514982817 PhotoGrid_1460515959757


The Gravedigger


Is a sage green with flakes that shift from lime green to gold, gold flash, and strong holographic shimmer.

PhotoGrid_1460517058833 PhotoGrid_1460517611548


Tower of Joy


Is a periwinkle blue with flakes that shift from blue-violet to gold, gold flash, and strong holographic shimmer.

PhotoGrid_1460518334361 PhotoGrid_1460518577508


How do you like these babies?!! the formula on these is absolutely amazing! super flowy and easy to work with. Just gorgeous!! I did three thin coats plus top coat for “No One” and just two coats plus glass top coat for the rest.

If you like any of these definitely pick it up! You will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading!

The Game of Theories Collection retails for $43USD for the collection or $12USD individually and will be available as of Saturday April 16th at 3PM CST. Price do not include shipping.

Find all shop info below.


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

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