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Hello friends!!

I have been very very busy this week! Doctor’s appointments, trying to get healthy and exercise a bit and a lot of work at home so I m beat foh sure! But TGIF right?!!

Are you a thermal polish fan? I am! I have to admit I absolutely love thermals, I find them super fun to wear ! I wear them around muggles and wow them with the changes when I hold a cold drink for a while hehe! And just overall love seeing how my nails change and if I have a bit of free edge then it’s instant effortless french tip! That’s awesome!!

So, since I am a big thermal fan, I’m excited to show you Pretty&Polished Tomboyish today! This baby has also been around for a while (about 3yrs) and it’s super pretty! let’s look at it!


Tomboyish goes from a creamy teal green when cold to a light blue (almost grey) when warm with a subtle holographic touch.


PhotoGrid_1457231219795  PhotoGrid_1457229072180 PhotoGrid_1457228699566

The formula is really really nice and easy to work with, I did three thin coats, waited about 2-3 min in between coats. Easy formula. In the pics you see the three thin coats I mentioned topped with a glossy top coat.


I just couldn’t decide the macro to use for this post as I like both, on the left you have Tomboyish with the “cold” color free edge and that effortless french I was talking about and on the left you have a mid transition picture. I just love how easy this baby switched from cold to hot.

PhotoGrid_1457231446164 PhotoGrid_1457229745249

In conclusion, I love this!! Unfortunately this is currently unavailable. But it will be restocked so keep an eye out! It’s worth it!!

Thank you so much for reading!

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