Spring Break Survival Kit Collaboration Box

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***Warning!! Picture Heavy***

Hello friends!!

So ready for spring!! aren’t we all? I’m so ready to strop dressing layered like an onion and get some cute light clothes on!! Today I want to show you an awesome collab box (love collab boxes!). Black Label Nails has put together the Spring Break Survival Kit and enrolled some great brands to help her with it!


This box includes polishes from Turtle Tootsie Polish, Black Label Nails, Supernatural Lacquer, 77 Nail Lacquer, glass nail file, mini cuticle oil, nail tape by Cuticula, toe separators, some water decals and a cute tote to carry it all in. Let’s take a look at everything one by one!

Beach Party By 77 Nail Lacquer


Is a pretty purple cream filled with shifting flakies. I really love this color! the formula was a tiny bit tricky but good. I did three thin coats plus top coat plus glossy top coat in the pics.

PhotoGrid_1456025294264 PhotoGrid_1456025771702 PhotoGrid_1456025504148


Bad Fish By Black Label Nails


Described as “a bright blue fun scatter glitter holo” inspired by the song BadFish by Sublime.


The formula is a bit sheer  and the brush (bc of the cap) has a bit of a learning curve but once you’ve gotten a hang of it you’re good to go. I did three coats plus glossy top coat for the pics, I’d suggest you use an undie in case you are in a hurry.

PhotoGrid_1456031635457 PhotoGrid_1456031488216 PhotoGrid_1456031243346


Bermuda Triangle By Supernatural Lacquer


Is a gawgeous green creme with blue shimmer, I also love this baby! The formula was great! two coats plus top coat and fast drying. Perfect!!

PhotoGrid_1456027497204 PhotoGrid_1456027909797

With a matte top coat


Top is with a glossy top coat and bottom is matte


Supernatural Lacquer also contributed a mini cuticle oil


Made with jojoba and grape seed oil this baby smells oh sooooo good (pineapple and coconut). Love it!

Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini By Turtle Tootsie


Gorgeous strong in yo face linear holo pink with ah-mazing formula pretty much a one coater.. I did two just cause but this baby really didn’t need it. This is just amazing and my fav from the collab (if you couldn’t tell). Perfection in a bottle ppl!!

PhotoGrid_1456024130525 PhotoGrid_1456024374371 (1)



Strawberry Liquid Nail Tape By Cuticula


Pink nail tape filled with tiny pink matte  and big blue hex glitters. Goes from a ballet slipper pink when applied to a rouge pink when dry. The strawberry scent doesn’t hit you right when you open the bottle but you definitely don’t get that strong icky fish smell when you open the bottle either (which is much appreciated). The strawberry scent becomes more noticeable as it dries.



Cuticula also included a small strip of water decals, enough to give yourself an adorable mani.. here is mine below using the Supernatural and 77 Nail Lacquer polishes. Hope you like it!


Extras are always great aren’t they? this box comes with the cute small make up bag size carry all, toe separators and a glass file. Perfect!


What do I think? I think these girls have thought of everything and really, you have pretty much anything needed for a manicure in this box and the polishes themselves are great. Great job guys! 

The Spring Break Survival Kit retails for $50 and will be available to pre-order at Black Label Nails  from Sunday, February 28th through Sunday, March 6th.

Thank you so much for reading!! Find all shop info below


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

press sample

Black Label Nails

Turtle Tootsie Polish

Supernatural Lacquer 

Seventy Seven Lacquer




Have you tried ebates ? I have and LOVE it! Ask me about it!


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  1. This is one of the cutest boxes I have ever seen and I love all the polish colors. BadFish has the same type of cap as the Sally Hansen Hard Nails strengtheners. There really is a learning curve to it.

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