Colores de Carol – Valentine’s Day Quartet

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Hello friends!!

How are you?! It has been a crazy couple of days of doing nothing and everything at the same time. Huge snow storm, stuck at home, lots of shoveling, my birthday, birthday E.R. visit with a huge life threatening scare.. but here I am today writing to you once again and bringing you some beautiful polish!! So excited! Colores de Carol has come out with an awesome mini Valentine’s Day Collection let’s see it!!



Is a super vibrant bubble gum pink. Opaque in 2-3 coats, good flowy formula and easy to work with. I did two coats plus glossy top coat for the pics.



Single Lady


Is a beautiful sea-foam holo that is just too gorgeous for words!! Love that Carolina included a non traditional valentine color in this mini collection. This sea-foam is out of this world! Two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.



Candy Kisses


A cute white crellie filled with pink and blue glitters in different shapes and sizes and beautiful large red heart glitters. So adorable! There is no need for fishing at all with this baby, the hearts are super easy to come by! You see three thin coats plus glossy top coat for the pics.





Looove this beauty!! from the name to the shade to the formula. These were all great but this gorgeous deep berry red linear holo is definitely my favorite from this collection. So pretty!! Two coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.



I love this collection!! all four polishes are great as far as formula all super flowy including the crellie, waited about 3min in between coats and 10min for overall drying time using a fast drying top coat (Seche Vite). So, I love this quartet! If you like any of them do purchase it! They are beautiful!

These retail for $10 (for the crellie and creme) and $10.50 (for the Holos). Find all shop info and links below along with a disctount code.

Thank you so much for reading!! Please let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

Please make sure to check the maker’s shop for updated prices

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