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Hello friends!!

I hope you’re doing great!!I have been dying to show you Anonymous Lacquer’s Holiday Princess collection for about 2 weeks now!! ahh how hard it is to have so much to tell and not be able to! But, the day has finally come when I am able to share these beauties with you! This is a glorious quartet available as of 12/21! Let’s take a look at them!


Gift for a Princess

Is a beautiful and rich lavender pink holo opaque in two easy coats. You see two coats plus top coat in the pics.


PhotoGrid_1449287345428 PhotoGrid_1449285239065


Royal Highness

A super rich and deep purple holo opaque in two coats. Absolutely beautiful. If you are a purple polish lover, this is a must have for you.


PhotoGrid_1449357967888 PhotoGrid_1449358244935


Here is a side by side of Royal Highness and Mine from the Brotherhood Series just in case you’re wondering.


Aristocrat’s Reign

A gorgeous teal-y blue holo super rich and opaque in one – two coats. This baby stained me a little bit (very common in shades like these). Mildred has tweaked the formula to avoid staining but since this is a pretty unavoidable phenomenon  I’d suggest you double up on the base just in case. I sincerely think the color is worth the minor staining, so I’m definitely not willing to stop using it.


PhotoGrid_1449289694591 PhotoGrid_1449290228680


Diamond Tiara

Is a gorgeous holo top coat.. not just any holo  top coat though, aside from the normal holo-ness this baby is full of awesome and unique little silver foil particles, I’d like to call them flakies but they really aren’t, they are even better than flakies. You can really appreciate them over the green below. Also, this top coat did NOT gray out my base which is ugh so good. Solo shot is three thin coats and one coat over green, both swatches topped with glossy top coat.


 PhotoGrid_1449367170090 PhotoGrid_1449444885975


PhotoGrid_1449443616297 PhotoGrid_1449293143338

Overall I think this quartet is absolutely stunning, the formula on all was flawless, all of them being super flowy and easy to work with. The holo top coat is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.. incredible. I highly suggest you pick all four of these up, you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading!! Maker’s info and where to buy these babies at the bottom. 


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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