Colores de Carol- Sapphire Princess Swatch and Review

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Hello friends!!

How are you today?? it’s been an awesome couple of days with the family for me!! On Sunday we went to NYC to check out the Rockefeller Center and the Xmas tree (first pic, it looks a lot smaller than other years) and it was craaaazy packed but I’m happy we went cause it is one of those experiences and things to show your child.. we also visited the Times Square Toys R Us (second and third pic) which will be closing for ever on Dec 30, so sad about that! I really wanted my son to see it before they closed and so we took advantage of the awesome weather and hopped the river and had an awesome time. Oh!! and we were lucky to see the Saks Fifth Ave. christmas light show (last pic). All and all it was an awesome day!


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Ok…. on to polish!! Today I want to show you the gorgeous.. the beautiful.. the omg this is why I love blue nail polish so much “Sapphire Princess” by Colores de Carol.


Ok so blue holo nail polish is pretty common.. yes I know. BUT I also know that they are not all the same and that there are a million of tones and LOOK at this! How gorgeous is it?? This is a beautifully intense sapphire linear holo with awesome formula, two smooth and easy coats, perfect not too thin not too thick, holo in just the right intensity. Just Perfect and beyond gorgeous. As you can see I’m a blue nail polish lover!

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For nail art I stamped this baby using Formula X  “platinum prime base coat” and plate MC-02 (from ebay)


What do you think? I just really love it and consider it a must have. It is the closest thing I’ve seen to actual sapphire in the nail world.

Thank you so much for reading!! If you like this baby and decide to pick it up please use the code below.


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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