wet n wild- moss have a failed shattered glass mani

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Hello friends!!

How are you today?? hope everyone is doing fine! Have you fallen for the latest drugstore polish craze? you know those polishes that everyone loves and then we all thousands of polish-a-holics go off to our nearest (and sometimes not so nearest) Rite Aids and Wallgreen’s in hopes of finding these drugstore jewels. Well I am ashamed to say that I acted like a complete lemming and just followed everyone down the cliff with this one.

Wet N Wild megalast “Moss have it” has been invading my screen for a while, I found it quite effortlessly at my local Rite Aid and since the swatch pictures I had seen looked awesome I just went for it and bought it! I mean for $1.99 you wont really be loosing much if it doesn’t turn out well right?

The formula was a bit weird to me, the first coat was a bit patchy, and hard to work with. Second coat didn’t really fix it as well as I would have liked and I had to dab to cover some bald spots.

You see two coats plus dabbing and glossy top coat for this swatch

PhotoGrid_1447803930163 PhotoGrid_1447803820306

What is different about this? Well I am really liking the little glass flecks in it. Looks like drugstore is finally moving on from their typical and more boring finishes. Do not get me wrong.. I love my cremes BUT it is nice to see something different.


So, you can say that I like not love this polish only because of the patchiness, that being said.. what can be expected for under $2 right? I think that’s pretty damn good.

I asked opinions on fb on whether I should do an ugly sweater mani or a shattered glass mani over this and pretty much everyone said shattered glass so my first ever shattered glass mani was born….


I consider it a fail and I will tell you why:

1- I followed horrible internet advice (mommy brain won’t let me remember who from) and purchased one of those iridescent celophane bows, do NOT do this, bows tend to be really thick and rigid cause they have to look pretty making it hard for the edges to stay down on the curved nail.

2- I cut the little pieces in really weird shapes (not perfect triangles with nice straight sides)


3- triangles were too big, you see them in the bottom of the pic next to rhinestones.. I think maybe half the size would be better.

4- ocd kicked in when I was doing the ring finger and realized I could do the same pattern in all but I had already done the pinky so now everything was ruined cause the pinky was different…

What I would do different…

Definitely buy thinner cellophane, cut the pieces a lot better, maybe make myself a little map of where everything should go.

All and all the look of this style is super cool and I really enjoyed the color effects on my nails.

 PhotoGrid_1447805011423 PhotoGrid_1447804548288

What do you think? have you tried this style already? give me your tips in the comments please!

Thank you so much for reading!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

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