Pretty & Polished Winter Collection- The Dusties

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**Warning Picture Heavy**


Hello friends!!

How are you?! I have a lot of beautiful spam for you!! Yes, Pretty & Polished will be coming out with their Winter Collection tomorrow Dec 1st  and well it’s very Pretty & Polished! What does that mean? variety (crellies, cremes, holos), beautiful shades and great formulas!


Today I’ll be showing you the 5 dusties, the first dusty collection came out in September of this year (see some of those swatched here) and they are one of my favorite collections of 2015.  These 5 are equally beautiful as their older siblings. Let’s see them!

Raisin a Toast

2 coats plus glossy top coat


PhotoGrid_1447977125296 PhotoGrid_1447977866828


Quick comparison with Saucey Marsala cause they kinda look similar in the bottles but they are very much different on the nail.


She’s a Brick House

2 coats plus glossy top coat


PhotoGrid_1447978335926 PhotoGrid_1447992017406


Dibs on the Cocoa Nibs

2 coats plus top coat


PhotoGrid_1447980659977 PhotoGrid_1447980764627


Pine Over Me

2 coats plus top coat


PhotoGrid_1448080949053 PhotoGrid_1448080586436


Her Majesty, Royal Purple

 2 coats plus glossy top coat

PhotoGrid_1447988514593 PhotoGrid_1447989760422


What is my opinion? These are all perfect!! The formula on all is a dream, super smooth almost butter. The shades are super intense and oh so beautiful. Two minutes in between coats and just gorgeousness all around.

If you like these do not hesitate to purchase them! You won’t regret it!

Available Dec 1st 2015

These retail for $7.50-&9

Full Collection $75

Please consult Pretty & Polished for up to date pricing

Thank you for reading! Check out the other half of this collection tomorrow!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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  1. These are definitely very pretty! I can’t even pick a favorite though I feel like I should just have a huge shopping spree with this indie since she has so many I just adore.

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