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Hello friends!!

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving (for those of you who celebrate it). Are you all as stuffed as I am? I’m Peruvian so in my household we marry our Peruvian dishes (sweet and sour salad) with the traditional turkey so it makes for an awesome meal. What do you eat?

I’m sure most of you are in a ton of these awesome indie brand groups popping up on FB. They are always full of perks and are perfect to stay updated with the latest news in each particular brand aaaand they are great enablers. I love being able to see all the swatch pics and all the sneak peeks of upcoming collections.. but the best perk? group customs!! Love group customs!

Today I want to show you Pretty & Polished M’embers Only, a beautiful and quite accurate ember colored jelly filled with flakies. Love me some flakies!


The formula is quite nice, flows beautifully and easily, waited about 2 minutes in between coats. You see three coats plus glossy top coat in the pics.


Love that they are numbered!!! look at that! It’s like a member card number, makes it so special.



Really loving this polish!! Hope you like it as well, remember you need to join Pretty & Polished fb group  (click here) in order to be able to purchase it. I highly recommend it!! the atmosphere is awesome and it is filled with great ppl!

Thank you so much for reading!!  see you at Feeling Pretty & Polished!


*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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